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Design title screen.
Title screen.

Design is a single-player minigame hosted by Dr. Crygor in Game & Wario. As with other games featured in Game & Wario, Design is based on a Tech Demo, in this case, Measure Up, which was featured at E3 2011.


Dr. Crygor wakes up in a need to go to the bathroom. He ends up getting stuck in the toilet and cannot get off. While trying to flush it, he is sucked down inside the toilet and slides through the piping. He eventually lands in his laboratory, with a rose in his mouth.


The player has to draw lines and geometrical shapes on the GamePad in accordance with on-screen instructions. Points are based on how close the finishing drawing is to the instructions and the quality of the lines. After the player finishes all the stages in the game, Dr. Crygor will give the player their final score, and comment on their robot. There are three point tiers: Bronze (300 points), Silver (400 points) and Gold (450 points). Getting a bronze trophy is required to pass the minigame, and getting a gold one nets the player a token to use in the Cluck-A-Pop.

The game is divided in 5 stages, with the specific measurements being randomized each session.

  • Stage 1: Draw a straight line.
  • Stage 2: Draw a circle.
  • Stage 3: Draw a triangle with equilateral sides.
  • Stage 4: Draw an angle.
  • Stage 5: Draw a squiggly line.

After the game is beaten once, a 2-player mode is unlocked. In it, each player takes turn drawing shapes, with the player with the highest score winning.


  • Stylus: Draw line
  • A Button: Speed up/skip dialogue.


"Interested in robot design? Put your drawing skills to work for me, the great Dr. Crygor!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デザイン
Spanish (NOE) Design -