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The start screen for Ski.

Ski is the minigame Jimmy T. hosts in Game & Wario. It is a single-player minigame.


Jimmy T. is skiing down a hill. A Ski Bunny spots him and follows him. Soon, many Ski bunnies (and a bear) are skiing after Jimmy. Then, they all ski jump.


Screenshot of the Endless Bunny Slope.

The player must have their GamePad vertically to play. Its screen displays a bird's-eye-view of the area, while the TV shows the view from behind Jimmy. Ski consist of two modes

Time Trial[edit]

This mode involves Jimmy skiing down the hill to reach the Disco club for the best time record. If the player fails to beat the default time record, they will have to retry the course until they meet the minimum time requirement for it. Once the player has beaten a course, more courses will be open.

Endless Bunny Slope[edit]

The objective in this mode is to keep skiing as long as possible, driving Jimmy away from pits, lakes and walls. As Jimmy skis, he must gather as many Ski Bunnies along the path and reach the Disco Club checkpoints. The game ends if Jimmy falls off the edge at any time.


  • Li'l Hill
  • Bump Canyon
  • Sunset Lake
  • Blizz Junction
  • Glittery Disco


GamePad: Steer the skis/Jump


"Yo, it's Jimmy! I made a super-cool skiiing game starring yours truly. It's an ice-cold combo of old-school style and future-fresh gameplay. You're gonna dig it!"