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A microgame in Game & Wario
Appears in Game & Wario
Command(s) Take apart! (levels 1 and 2)
Put together! (level 3)
Info "Just take them apart! Or put them back together!"
Controls A Button – Take apart / Put together

Matryoshka is a microgame in 9-Volt & 18-Volt's mode in Game & Wario, Gamer. It can also be played individually as a Cluck-A-Pop souvenir, titled BALLOON FIGHTER: Matryoshka.


The goal is to take all the matryoshka dolls apart. In the third level, the object changes to putting them together.

  • 1st level difficulty: The player must separate five dolls.
  • 2nd level difficulty: The player must separate seven dolls by unzipping their coats.
  • 3rd level difficulty: The player must nest eight dolls. The dolls' designs cause the illusion of a single matryoshka running towards the screen, with the last one celebrating victory as it makes it to the finish line tape.

There is a chance for a single matryoshka doll that is rigged with a bomb to appear, which the player must not take apart to win. This is telegraphed by the command "Don't take out!" appearing. Interacting with the doll causes an explosion, resulting in a loss.

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