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Ashley title screen
Ashley title screen.

Ashley is a single-player minigame hosted by Ashley & Red in Game & Wario. The level theme songs are collectively titled Ashley's ☆ Revolution and feature arrangements of parts of Ashley's Theme in WarioWare: Touched!


At her mansion, Ashley reads a book and eventually comes across a page depicting monsters and a surreal landscape. The illustration catch her interest and she decides to cast a spell to be materialized inside the book page. However, as she performs it, a gust of wind turns the book to a page depicting desserts. Ashley & Red are then transported inside the dessert-themed page. Red is pleased by this development, but a furious Ashley orders him to transform into a broom in order to escape the dessert world.


A screenshot of Ashley (minigame).
Ashley shooting pastries.

The game is a horizontally-scrolling shoot 'em up. Movement is controlled by angling the GamePad upward and downward. The objective is to progress through the levels while collecting purple magic orbs and presents, and shooting floating pastries with magic blasts. Collecting items give points, and collecting items without missing any increases the score multiplier. In addition to shooting magic blasts, Ashley can collect spell orbs, which when activated, destroy every enemy on-screen and collect any item present. A certain number of points is needed in order to get "Best Buddy" ("Best Sidekick" in the PAL localization) status after completing a level which rewards a coin for the Cluck-A-Pop if accomplished for the first time per level.

She will also communicate with the player and with Red from time to time on the GamePad, on which a close-up of her is shown throughout the levels.

Ashley can be hit an unlimited number of times, but being hit substracts points. If she is hit too many times in a row, poked three times via the GamePad screen or if too many loops are performed in a close timeframe, the scrolling stops and the player will have to pat her on the head via the GamePad's screen in order to continue. Points will be removed at a rate of 1 per second. If the score reaches 0 points, the game ends. Ashley gets progressively angrier during these sequences. If it is the third time she needs to be comforted and the player fails to calm her quickly enough, she will shoot the screen, resulting in an automatic Game Over.

At certain points, the player is prompted to select between two paths. There are three stages in total, each of which conclude with a boss battle.

Once the player has cleared the game, stars are added to the levels. Doing a loop near a start will net the player a point item or rarely, a Cluck-A-Pop coin.


  • Book of Lollipops
  • Book of Chocolate
  • Book of Ice Cream


Collecting a chain of orbs multiplies the score.

  • Orb: 1 point
  • Large orb: 5 points
  • Gift box: 10 points
  • Large gift box: 50 points
  • Unused spell powers: 200 points
  • Damage: -10 points
  • Ashley's anger: -1 point per second
  • Ashley's screen zap: -100 points


  • GamePad: Steer the broom.
  • ZL Button: Loop upward
  • ZR Button: Loop downward
  • Stylus: Activate spell power / Pat Ashley on the head / Select path (when prompted).
  • A Button: Speed up / Skip dialogue.


NA translation: "I'm Ashley. Join me and Red on a side-scrolling nightmare of seriously sickening sweetness."

PAL translation: "Hello there! I'm Red. This is a side-scrolling action game starring my best friend, Ashley, who flies around on her magic broom. It's great fun, right, Ashley?"

Hint cards[edit]

The icon for Hint Card 29
The design of the hint cards

The minigame's hint cards:

North American version[edit]

  • Ashley 1: "Spell-Power Multipliers! — If you can collect an entire chain of spell power without missing any, the power will be multiplied by up to six times!"
  • Ashley 2: "Leaving Ashley Alone — Ashley is quite easily annoyed. For a more pleasant gameplay experience, we recommend not bothering her too much on GamePad."
  • Ashley 3: "A Gift from the Stars — After you clear all the stages, there will be stars in them the next time you play one. Do a loop around a star to get a present or blue orb."
  • Ashley 4: "Scoring Tokens in ASHLEY — After you've achieved Best Buddy status in a stage, keep an eye out for a token the next time you play. If you do a loop around it, it's yours!"

European version if differing[edit]

  • Ashley 1: "Spell Power Multipliers! — If you can collect an entire chain of spell power without missing any, the power will be multiplied by up to six times!"
  • Ashley 4: "Scoring Tokens in ASHLEY — After you've achieved Best Sidekick status in a stage, keep an eye out for a token the next time you play. Do a loop around it and it's yours!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アシュリー

German Ashley
Spanish (NOE) Ashley


  • In the opening cutscene, Harry Onion from the Rhythm Heaven series is on the rightmost stack of books.
  • If the player blows into the microphone on the GamePad, a gust of wind will blow into Ashley's dress. She then quickly holds it down and glares at the screen with an annoyed groan.