Legendary Cat Dancers

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Jimmy T. and the Legendary Cat Dancers.
Jimmy T. and the Legendary Cat Dancers.

The Legendary Cat Dancers is a group of fourteen cats in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. They appear during the Feline Fever stage.

In the story, Jimmy T. is walking down a street in the rain, when he sees a small cat behind a garbage can. Jimmy gives it his umbrella and continues walking, however, this cat, along with other cats, keep following him wherever he goes. Jimmy starts to dance with them and they go to Club Sugar. During the stage itself, four cats are the player's extra lives and one cat appears inside a mirror ball, dancing if the player wins a microgame, or falling and getting dizzy if the player loses a microgame. In the morning, after the stage is beaten, the cats leave the club and go away, as does Jimmy. The first cat nudges him and returns him his umbrella.

In Game & Wario, two of the Legendary Cat Dancers make a minor appearance with Jimmy in the opening intro.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese でんせつのダンサーズ(ネコ)
Densetsu no Dansāzu (Neko)
Mythical Dancers (Cats)
Italian Mitici ballerini felini Mythical feline dancers
Korean 전설의 댄서들(고양이)