Elephant Ogre

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Elephant Ogre
Elephant Ogre from WarioWare: Smooth Moves
The Elephant Ogre screeching.
Species Ogre
First appearance WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2006)

The Elephant Ogre is a giant, muscular ogre found in WarioWare: Smooth Moves. He has red skin, wild hair, and two horns on his head. Despite his name, he does not look like an elephant, with the name instead referencing his massive size. His weapon is an iron club. The Li'l Ogre seems to be the Elephant Ogre's child.

In the story of Kat & Ana, the Elephant Ogre attacked the Diamond Dojo at night. The concerned Sensei in the Dojo faced the monstrous being who suddenly let out a piercing shriek. Kat & Ana came to the Dojo's rescue. Outside of the building, Kat messed with the Elephant Ogre. After she activated her clone powers, five Kats seemed to appear simultaneously, all of them attacking the giant being with their swords. The Elephant Ogre's club and Kat's sword pressed each other, but then the Li'l Ogre shouted to stop the fight. This one stood in the Dojo and annoyed the Sensei. It turned out that the Elephant Ogre was only searching for the Li'l Ogre. When the sun already risen, the Elephant Ogre peaceably left with what seemed to be the Li'l Ogre on his hand. However, the actual Li'l Ogre still stood near the Dojo, and the Elephant Ogre had mistakenly carried away Ana, and Kat calls to attempt to clear up the mistake.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オニゾウ
Portmanteau of「鬼」(oni) and「象」(, elephant)

German Elefantenoger
Elephant Ogre
Italian Orco elefante
Elephant ogre
Korean 아빠 도깨비
Appa Dokkaebi


  • As his Japanese name "Onizō" implies, the Elephant Ogre's appearance is based on the common appearance of the Oni, creatures from Japanese folklore commonly equated to the western concept of an ogre.
  • During Kat & Ana's stage, the Ogre's head can be seen on the door before the Boss Stage starts.