Art and Deco

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Art and Deco
Art and Decko.png
Art (right) and Deco (left)
First appearance WarioWare: Touched! (2004)
Latest appearance WarioWare: Smooth Moves (2006)
“Wait up, homegirl!”
Art and Deco, WarioWare: Touched!

Art and Deco (previously spelled Art and Decko in WarioWare: Touched!) are two musicians of Mona's rock band in WarioWare: Touched!. Their band is called "Mona and the Hot Slices." While Mona plays the bass guitar, the yellow, slightly bear-like Deco beatboxes and raps, while the tiny, dark-gray, and slightly imp-like Art plays the banjo. The names "Art and Deco" are derived from Art Deco, an architectural style.

On Ear Candy, Art and Decko are seen behind Mona when the band is featured on the show. At Mona Pizza, Mona, Art, and Decko have their final rehearsal before their gig at the Hawt House. When they finish, Mona leaves on her scooter while Art and Decko follow behind her in a van with Mona's logo on it.

As Mona and her Hot Slices are on their way, Vanessa and the Dinosaurs appear on motorcycles and surround the trio. Vanessa drives toward the Hawt House while the Dinosaurs hop into their bird-like machine and fly over Mona, Art, and Decko. They then use a mechanical claw to kidnap Art. After Pizza Joe and all of Mona's Pets fail to stop the Dinosaurs, Decko uses the lever from the van to eject himself at the Dinosaurs' machine and causes it to release Art. The Dinosaurs' flying machine crashes down on the street and the band hurries to the Hawt House.

At the Hawt House, the three begin to perform. When Mona suddenly leaves to deliver pizzas, Art and Decko are left standing on the stage. They do not react when Vanessa attempts to take Mona's place in the band. When Mona returns to the Hawt House, Art and Decko continue their performance with Mona and Vanessa onstage.

In WarioWare: Smooth Moves, Art and Deco make a brief appearance in Young Cricket & Master Mantis's story, where they assist Mona and Joe in selling dumplings, along with Mona's Pets and the Dancing Monkeys.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アートとデコ
Āto to Deko
Art and Deco

French Art et Déco
Art and Deco
Italian Art e Deco
Art and Deco
Korean 아트