Shuriken the Falcon

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Shuriken the Falcon
Shuriken the Falcon.png
Full name Shuriken the Falcon
Species Falcon
First appearance WarioWare: Twisted! (2004)
Latest appearance WarioWare: Touched! (2004)

Shuriken the Falcon is a recurring companion belonging to Kat & Ana in the WarioWare series. He resembles a bald eagle despite his name. He seems to have replaced Don the Sparrow.


WarioWare: Twisted![edit]


Shuriken's first appearance is in WarioWare: Twisted!. In this game, he and Shadow the Dog help Kat and Ana defeat the Diamond Troll, whose hut they accidentally stumble upon after seeking refuge from a swarm of bees.

He later appears in Dr. Crygor's story when Dr. Crygor takes off in his Gravitator mechanical suit. Shuriken accidentally crashes into the suit, causing it to disintegrate. Dr. Crygor is left helpless as he falls through the sky, but Shuriken swoops down and saves him.

WarioWare: Touched![edit]

Shuriken makes a minor appearance in Kat & Ana's story in WarioWare: Touched!, where he accompanies Kat to give chase to Numchuck the Monkey, who has stolen Ana's bananas. He is last seen celebrating along with the others after Numchuck is adopted.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Hayato l'homme faucon Hayato the human falcon