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Not to be confused with Bonehead Jed.
First appearance WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (2003)

Boneheads is a large, vicious skeleton-like creature that makes his first and only appearance in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! His appearance is that of a Japanese shogun.

Boneheads appears only in Kat & Ana's stage. In it, Boneheads comes in the middle of the night to possess the prince or princess of the Castle. Ana and her crew of five ninjas appear to stop him from doing this, but all of them fail. Before she is captured, Ana has Don the Sparrow carry a letter to Kat, requesting her help.

When Kat eventually receives Ana's letter, she, along with her pet Paw the Dog, immediately travel to the castle. Upon arrival, Boneheads challenges her to reach the top floor, where Ana and the prince or princess are being held.

When Kat finally reaches the top of the castle, she starts to attack Boneheads, but she fails to defeat him. Suddenly, Paw the Dog transforms into a giant sword that Kat eventually uses to finally defeat Boneheads and save the others.

Kat & Ana approaching Boneheads with Don the Sparrow, Shadow the Dog, Shuriken the Falcon, Ms. Munchly, one of Kat's turtles, and the Wandering Samurai
Boneheads' appearance in Kat & Ana's WarioWare Gold character trailer

Despite not reappearing in the game itself, Boneheads makes an appearance in Kat & Ana's character trailer for WarioWare Gold, in which the duo battles him with the help of their pets and Ms. Munchly. Additionally, in Lulu's character trailer, the photo that Lulu takes of Kat & Ana features Boneheads collapsed in the background.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese がいこつ やしゃまる
Gaikotsu Yashamaru
Roughly "Skeleton Night Spirit"
Chinese (Simplified) 骸骨夜叉丸
Háigǔ Yèchāwán
Derived from the Japanese name
French Tête d'os Bone head
German Knochenkopf Bonehead
Italian Testa d'ossa Bone head