Survival Fever

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Survival Fever

Survival Fever is Jimmy T.'s multiplayer minigame in WarioWare, Inc. Mega Party Game$. This game is the first game that is played when starting multiplayer mode. It involves, as its name implies, trying to keep the audience (which resembles a crowd of Mr. Game & Watches) with the player as long as possible. The spotlight randomly chooses a person or persons to play a microgame, besides Orbulon's microgames. If the minigame is won, the audience remains in front of the player, if the player loses, a fragment of the audience is lost. Three losses equals a game over for the player. If there are more than three or four players, those who had already lost can get in the way of the game, like in Outta My Way.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese いきのこりフィーバー
Ikinokori Fībā
Survivor Fever