Don the Sparrow

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Don the Sparrow is a character in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. He is a large sparrow and one of the animal friends of Kat and Ana from Diamond City. However, he never reappeared as Shuriken the Falcon, who first appeared in WarioWare: Twisted!, seems to have replaced Don. Don also seems to be friends with Dr. Crygor as he helps the scientist at the end of his story.


Don first appeared at the beginning of Mona's story. He could be seen picking near the Gelateria and flew away when Gelato Joe arrived.

Don carrying Ana's letter

In Kat and Ana's story, an evil skeleton demon called Boneheads caused trouble at the Castle in Diamond City. He took possession of the princess/prince. Ana and her crew tried to stop him, but failed. Don had the task to carry a letter with a message from Ana to her sister Kat to call for help. After Don left, Boneheads also caught Ana.

Kat resided along with Paw the Dog at an unknown place which seemed to be far away from Diamond City. When Don arrived, he dropped the letter in front of Kat. Shortly after she read the message, Kat and Paw headed for Diamond City. After they reached the roof of the Castle, Kat defeated Boneheads with the help of Paw after a hard fight. The princess/prince was delivered from Boneheads' influence and Ana was freed as well. At the end of the adventure, Don could be seen playing around with Paw.

Don also appeared at the end of Dr. Crygor's story. After a fountain coming out of his toilet threw him out of his lab high into the air, Dr. Crygor wanted to activate his back jet pack to survive. However, it didn't work for some reason and Dr. Crygor fell down towards the ground. Don rescued the scientist by grabbing him in the air.

While not reappearing in the game itself, he has a quick cameo on Kat & Ana's character trailer for WarioWare Gold.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il passero Don Don the sparrow