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Don the Sparrow is a character in WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!. He is a large brown sparrow and one of the animal friends of Kat & Ana. However, Shuriken the Falcon, who first appears in WarioWare: Twisted!, seems to have replaced Don in later games. Don also seems to be friends with Dr. Crygor, as he helps him at the end of his story.


Don first appears at the beginning of Mona's story. He is seen picking at the ground near the Gelateria and flies away when Gelato Joe arrives.

Don carrying Ana's letter

In Kat & Ana's story, an evil skeleton demon called Boneheads causes trouble at the Castle in Diamond City. He takes possession of the princess/prince. Ana and her crew try to stop him, but fail. Ana gives Don the task to carry a her letter to Kat for help. After Don leaves, Boneheads also catches Ana. When Don arrives at Kat's location, he drops the letter onto the ground and flies away. In the epilogue, Don gets chased by Paw the Dog.

Don also appears at the end of Dr. Crygor's story. After a fountain coming out of his toilet launches him out of his lab high into the air, Don saves him after his jetpack fails to activate.

While not reappearing in the game itself, Don has a quick cameo on Kat & Ana's character trailer for WarioWare Gold.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スズメの どんちゃん
Suzume no Donchan
From「雀」(susume, sparrow) +「どんどん」(dondon, steadily) and「ちゃん」(-chan)
Italian Il passero Don Don the sparrow