Diamond City Castle

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Diamond City Castle
Kat and Ana Hug Gold.png
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

Diamond City Castle is a location in WarioWare Gold. It is a Japanese-styled temple in Diamond City that appears as a setting for Kat and Ana's story in the Touch League. Ms. Munchly hosts the Gourmet Master test, while Ninja Steve handles the Department of Ninja Licensing.

At the start of their story, Kat and Ana arrive at the temple to receive their ninja licenses. Believing that Ms. Munchly is in charge of the Department of Ninja Licensing, they sign up for her class, where they must indulge in food to receive licenses. After this is accomplished, however, Ms. Munchly gives them Gourmet Master licenses, revealing that the true test is up ahead. Ninja Steve appears and reveals that he was in the bathroom, and that his class will be starting soon. Kat and Ana then head to the class, feeling overstuffed.

In the game's end credits, Diamond City Castle appears behind an image of Kat and Ana.