Demon realms

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Demon realms
A Game Over in WarioWare Gold
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)

The demon realms[1] are a location in WarioWare Gold. They are the home of many demons, such as Gahrumble and Dark Lord Hum Gree, and serve as the setting for the gameplay portion of Ashley & Red's stage. The location is not named in the Japanese version of WarioWare Gold.[citation needed]

At the beginning of Ashley & Red's story, the duo sets out for the demon realms to defeat Dark Lord Hum Gree after leaning that Gahrumble—whom Ashley had summoned—is starving due to Hum Gree hoarding all the realms' food. During the microgame transtitions of Ashley & Red's stage, Ashley flies though a purple, forested area of the demon realms on Red's broom form, using her magic to fight off bats, flying eyeballs, and hitodama before finally confronting Dark Lord Hum Gree at the boss microgame transition. After defeating and purifying Hum Gree, Ashley & Red return to Ashley's Mansion to have a meal with Gahrumble.

Gahrumble's A-rank card also implies the demon realms have a mall and an amusement park.[2]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOA) mundo espectral
spectral world


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