Hydrocannon LX

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Hydrocannon LX

First appearance

WarioWare Gold (2018)
“That Wario guy is the worst! I'll wipe that stupid mustache right off of his stupid face! Huh...? Yeah! RAINBOW!”
Lulu, WarioWare Gold

The Hydrocannon LX is a red, blue, and yellow water gun with a yellow star that appears in WarioWare Gold. It is used by Lulu.


In the cutscene after two stories are beaten, Lulu is seen in Crystal Park where she uses the Hydrocannon LX to hit a target with Wario's moustache and nose. This creates a rainbow, which excites Lulu.

After Wario Deluxe's set of microgames is beaten, a cutscene plays where Lulu fires the Hydrocannon LX at Wario Deluxe, making the Pot of Luxeville fall off his head.