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Menu screen of the Museum
The menu screen of the Museum

The Museum is a location in WarioWare: Move It!. It serves the same function as the Temple of Form from WarioWare: Smooth Moves, as an index of all the microgames and Sacred Poses that are collected. The area is unlocked when the "Stone-Cold Welcome" stage is cleared, and is located above Wario's stage icon.


All microgames are listed in alphabetical order. The player can narrow their search by sorting the microgames by Story character that hosts the microgame in their set, or by the Form(s) used to play the microgame.

In the Story menu, the characters that have a crown on their icon indicates that all the microgames in their set are unlocked.

When selecting a Form, the player can check the Form guide to view the instructions and description of each Form, and view tips that assist with properly using the Form.

Every microgame is displayed on the guidebook with an image of the game, along with the Form(s), applicable special controls used within the microgame (i.e. Trust Tether or Buttons), and co-op compatibility. Pressing X Button expands the microgame's details and includes the game's host(s). Before playing the microgame, the player can set the speed of the microgame by pressing L Button/ZL Button and R Button/ZR Button to adjust a slider ranging from speeds marked as Normal, Brisk, Fast, Faster, and Too Fast.

The intermission stage of the Museum consists of a museum display. A stone tablet is placed in a machine, and the screen above displays a scanning of the tablet. A banner beside the screen lifts up to reveal the Form. If the player wins, the screen displays a smiling face with two hands giving thumbs-ups popping out of its sides, and the museum display shines. If the player loses, the screen displays an error message and tilts askew, the banners are torn up, and the museum display darkens.

When the player selects a Sacred Pose, a rotating figure of a man performing the pose is shown on a beach.

In-game description[edit]

"This is the Museum, where you can find microgames and Forms you've seen in Story mode. Enjoy your favorite microgames, study the Forms, or find a use we haven't thought of."


Form Tips[edit]