Flashfreeze Cape

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Young Cricket & Master Mantis on Flashfreeze Cape.
Young Cricket and Master Mantis at Flashfreeze Cape

Flashfreeze Cape is a location featured in WarioWare: Move It!. It serves as the primary location for Young Cricket & Master Mantis' level, "Battle on Flashfreeze Cape!". While it starts out summery and tropical, it becomes frigid and snow-covered upon Cicada and her penguin warriors' arrival.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese サムナルみさき
Samunaru misaki
Clipping of「寒くなる」(samuku-naru, to get cold) +「」(misaki, cape)
Chinese 次古海角
Cìgǔ Hǎijiǎo
Homophone of「刺骨」(piercing) + "cape"
Dutch Kaap Kleum "Kaap" (cape) + "kleumen" (to be stiff from cold)
French Cap Savakayé "Cap" (cape) + pun on "ça va cailler" (the phrase "it's gonna get cold")
German Nekalte-Klippe
Italian Capo Machefredd
Korean 바들바들곶
Badeul-badeul Got
Shivering Cape
Spanish (NOA) Cabo Frío Repentino Sudden Cold Cape
Spanish (NOE) Cabo Carrasperal