Time Obliterator 5.0

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Dr. Crygor's latest invention
Dr. Crygor showing off his Time Obliterator 5.0
“We'll use it to observe the creation of this masterpiece.”
Dr. Crygor, WarioWare: Move It!

The Time Obliterator 5.0 is an invention created by Dr. Crygor that appears in WarioWare: Move It!, though its appearance was foreshadowed in earlier games as well. It is a device that resembles a stopwatch that can be used to transport the user back in time akin to a time machine. In their story, Dr. Crygor, Mike, and Penny explore the rock art of Underarm Jungle, with Penny noting that the cave paintings were created by an actual caveman. Dr. Crygor shows off his new invention, and the trio use it to travel back in time to see its creation. They arrive in the past where they see a caveman engraving the art, using the creature as a reference. He discovers the three, and orders them to stand in order to draw them. In the epilogue, the caveman is finished and shows them the rock art, who are then amazed by it. Wario in the present-day notices the finished rock art of Dr. Crygor, Penny and Mike, confused.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese けいたい タイムマシン 5ごう
Keitai taimu mashin 5-gō
Portable Time Machine No.5
Chinese (Simplified) 携带型时光机5号
Xiédài xíng shíguāng jī 5 hào
Portable Time Machine No. 5
Chinese (Traditional) 攜帶型時光機5號
Xiédài xíng shíguāng jī 5 hào
Portable Time Machine No. 5
French Chronotron portable 5.0 Portable Chronotron 5.0; from "chrono" (Greek root word for "time") and "-tron" (a common suffix for machines)
German Taschenzeitmaschinette Small Pocket Time Machine
Italian Cronologio 5.0 From "cronologia" (chronology)
Korean 휴대용 타임머신 5호
Hyudaeyong taimmeosin 5ho
Portable Time Machine No.5
Spanish Minimáquina del tiempo Mini Time Machine