Garlic burger

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A Garlic Burger from WarioWare: Move It!
A garlic burger and a drink

A garlic burger is a food item featured in WarioWare: Move It! As the name suggests, it is a burger with a head of garlic serving as a substitute for a meat patty. In the game's opening, a TV advertisement announces a chance to win a group getaway to Caresaway Island with each purchase of a garlic burger. While driving by the garlic burger vendor, Wario picks up the smell of garlic and stops to purchase 50 burgers, giving him 50 chances to win. Among them, he pulls the getaway prize and is allowed 20 friends to bring along to the trip to Caresaway Island. Upon hearing this, Wario's friends request him to let them come along with him, to which Wario reluctantly agrees.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese にんにくバーガー
Nin'niku Bāgā
Garlic burger
Chinese (Simplified) 大蒜汉堡
Dàsuàn Hànbǎo
Garlic burger
Chinese (Traditional) 大蒜漢堡
Dàsuàn Hànbǎo
Garlic burger
French Ail-burger Garlic burger
German Big Knobi
Italian Hamburger all'aglio Garlic burger
Korean 마늘버거를
Maneul Beogeoleul
Garlic burger
Spanish Hamburguesa al ajillo Garlic burger