Woods Watchers

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Woods Watchers
Screenshot of Woods Watchers from WarioWare: Move It!
Species Humans
First appearance WarioWare: Move It! (2023)
“Those who dare to approach the shrine... Will be punished... GET OUT, TRESPASSER!”
Woods Watchers, WarioWare: Move It![1]

The Woods Watchers[2] are major characters in WarioWare: Move It! They are a tribal group that overlooks Caresaway Island and are the guardians of the island's shrine. They wear red robes and a mask resembling the Nintendo Switch logo.

The Woods Watchers first appear in the "Stone-Cold Welcome" stage. When Wario refuses the Form Stones given to him, a series of events causes him to fall and land in front of the shrine, provoking the Watchers. The tribe view him as a trespasser and chase him away from the shrine. Wario eventually escapes from the tribe on a parrot, accepting the stones gifted to him.

The Watchers also appear in the "Sweet Dreams, Sweeter Fruit" stage where they are shown worshipping an idol. When Orbulon crashes onto the idol and becomes amnesiac, the Watchers notice the resemblance between Orbulon and the idol; believing that their god has returned to earth, the Watchers start serving Orbulon.

The Watchers make their final appearance in the "Lava at First Sight" stage. When Wario merges with Perspiration Peak Volcano to become Volcano Wario, the elder of the Watchers takes notice, and explains that everyone must dance to lift the curse and calm the mountain. The plan succeeds, and Wario is launched back into the shrine, where he takes the place of the stolen idol. The Watchers notice Wario and serve him as their new god, much to his dismay.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese もりのじゅうにん
Mori no Jūnin
Forest Dweller
Chinese 森林居民
Sēnlín Jūmín
Forest Dweller
Dutch Wachters van het wound Guardians of the forest
French Gardiens de la forêt Guardians of the forest
German Tropenschrate Tropics Leshies
Italian Guardiani della foresta Guardians of the forest
Korean 숲의 주민
Sup-ui Jumin
Forest Dweller
Spanish Guardianes del bosque Guardians of the forest


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