Mr. Sparkles

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Mr. Sparkles
Mr. Sparkles
Species Human
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Portrayed by Kyle Hebert
“Aren't muscles just the absolute best?”
Mr. Sparkles, WarioWare Gold

Mr. Sparkles is a character that appears in WarioWare Gold. He is a bodybuilder who regularly weightlifts his signature frying pans, and is notable for, besides his build, his enthusiasm and constant smiling.

Mr. Sparkles in WarioWare Gold

Mr. Sparkles first appears on a television program which catches 5-Volt's attention. He advertises a set of frying pans, but advises customers not to buy them until they get into shape, as the pans are allegedly heavy. Out of boredom, 5-Volt decides to partake in the bodybuilding exercise herself, helping her retrieve 9-Volt's dropped Nintendo 3DS later on.

Mr. Sparkles appears as a deception in the Sneaky Gamer mode of the game, lifting 9-Volt's television rack in place of 5-Volt to reveal himself, and may also appear on TV when it is on.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]

  • Rank CMr. Sparkles brims with energy and keeps his smile turned all the way up, no matter how hard the workout.
  • Rank BMr. Sparkles has big fans among late-afternoon TV viewers. It's likely his big arms or big smile that does it.
  • Rank AMr. Sparkles goes to a gym known for its celebrities, like that wrestler who gets interviewed all the time.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ミスターハッスル
Misutā Hassuru
Mr. Hustle
French (NOA) M. Brillant Mr. Shiny
French (NOE) Mr. Brillant Mr. Shiny
Italian Tano Ciarla Anagram of ciarlatano (con artist)
Spanish Sr. Fulgor Mr. Glare


  • Mr. Sparkles' rank A card states he frequents the same gym as a "wrestler who gets interviewed all the time," presumably a nod to the Rhythm Heaven series' Ringside game and its protagonist.