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Species Human
First appearance Super Mario (Super Mario Land) (1989)
Latest appearance Super Mario (Super Mario Land 2) (1989)
(I'm Nankin, a disciple of Nan-chan Dōshi.)”
Nankin-kun, Super Mario Land

Nankin-kun, also called Nan-chan, is an original character that appears in the Super Mario Land manga adaptation in the Super Mario series from KC Deluxe. He is the student of Chai Kingdom's Dōshi and lives in his temple. He is a short child with a shaved head, except for a braided ponytail.

When Mario and Mekakuribō are chased by a pack of Pionpi, Nan-chan calls for them to hide in a bush with him, making the Pionpi jump over the bush and straight into a pit. Nan-chan then presents himself and takes them to his master in the temple, where a magic seal prevents the Pionpi from entering. When the Dōshi suggests using the Sky Pop, Nankin explains that his master used to be a pilot, then, with the Dōshi's daughter Minmei and Mekakuribō, gets the idea of using a new seal to make their way to the plane hangar. When Mekakuribō then goes alone in a room to fabricate the seal with some of Minmei's food, Nan-chan and Mario question why a robot would need food, but they immediately stop thinking about it.

Later, a Goombo knocks at the temple's door, asking for shelter from the Pionpi. Nankin removes the seal, which was used as a door latch, and welcomes the Goombo in, but it takes the seal and destroys it, letting the Pionpi inside. Minmei and Nan-chan are the first ones to succumb to the Pionpi's bite, turning themselves into Pionpi as well and managing to infect the Dōshi.

After Mario defeats Tatanga, the Pionpi curse is lifted and Nankin and the others return to normal.

In the next volume, Nan-chan makes a brief cameo as the shop owner from whom Peach buys the mirror in the second part of the manga.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ナンキンくん
From「南京」(Nankin, Nanjing), combined with the junior honorific「~くん」(-kun)

Shortened version of "Nankin", combined with the affectionate honorific「~ちゃん」(-chan)