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Alan in Saturday Supercade
Alan with his friends
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Magnificent Seven-Year Olds") (1983)

Alan is a character appearing in the Saturday Supercade episode "Magnificent Seven-Year Olds." He is friends with a group of other children, one including Jill.

He first at Big Gorilla Burgers, where he crashes into Bones as he and his friends rush by him. He tells him that he still may have time to catch up with his friends, only for Mickey to steal his bike. Alan stands up to him, who asks who will stop him, to which Alan points to Bones. Bones, however, is intimitated, and Mickey shoves him into a trash can and kicks him away. He and his other greaser, Stretch, flee in a van, and Jr. comes out of the restaurant. He eats his burger and declares he can stop the bullies and get Alan's bike back.

After Donkey Kong Jr. retrieves Alan's bike, they and Bones stop to meet up with his friends, where they learn that the greasers stole their bikes as well. Jr. decides to train them in "jungle acrobatics" so they can defeat the greasers. They complete the obstacle course relatively easily, while Bones, who when to give the kids confidence, struggles throughout.

When Bones is captured by Mickey and Stretch during Jr.'s plan, Jr., Alan, and his friends jump from the tree they were sitting in to ambush them, though the former traps Bones in a tire and tosses him onto a skateboard. After Jr. saves Bones, the group heads to a warehouse, where they load the bikes into the van, planning to sell them in a nearby town. As Mickey and Stretch flee the warehouse, Jr, Alan, and his friends chase them on bikes, while Bones chases them in the sliding chair he fell onto when entering the warehouse.

Alan is later seen back at Big Gorilla Burgers, hanging out with his friends. He is last seen when Bones brings them some food, only to nearly be run over by an elderly lady resembling the one he dressed up as, causing him to spill his food, which Jr., Alan, and his friends laugh at.