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Normal char5.jpg
Species Human
First appearance Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)

Elroy is a character from Mario Tennis: Power Tour. He is an all-around typed character and his doubles partner is Tori. He is ranked first in the varsity courts in singles and doubles mode, making him team captain and an excellent player. Elroy favorite color is most likely blue, since his hair and his tennis outfit are both blue. He is one of the oldest players; it is hinted at that when Elroy started as a junior, Alex, Mark, and Kevin were still varsity players and not yet coaches.

In the previous year's Island Open singles tournament, he lost to Dweezil in the final round and is hoping to get his revenge this year. However, he ends up facing Clay or Ace in the singles tournament semifinal round. Similarly, he and Tori lost to Dweezil and Mynx in the final round of last year's doubles tournament. However, he and Tori lose to Willy and Sheri the following year in the quarterfinals.

Elroy's stats are overall basic and balanced but very advanced far along at the same time, though his Power Shot is hard to dodge and counter. His Power Shot is known as the Blizzard shot, in which he launches the ball covered in an Ice Block, going at a very fast pace. Elroy is very confident in his skills--and for a good reason, but he tends to be more modest than his partner. Elroy and Tori seem to have a dynamic much like Clay and Ace (who is who depends on if the player is the boy or the girl), with Elroy the more calm one and Tori the more fiery one. However, once he loses to Clay and/or Ace in either Singles or Doubles, he develops high expectations for the player and states that he is surprised that it took them as long as they did to challenge his other first place rank. After the player faces him in the open, he tells the player to loosen up and not let their nerves deny Academy the trophy, showing that he cares more about Academy winning than his own pride. However, the varsity players are torn on who to cheer for.

Elroy and Tori behave and interact with each other more as a couple than merely as doubles partners, which should come as no surprise due to them being paired together for what appears to be years as well as the team chemistry needed to be a top doubles team. For example, Tori is offended when Elroy introduces her after Whisker and Paula who were the nearest to the player, and they are almost always seen together, even when the situation does not call for it, when seen at the Island Open cafe, they look like (and imply that) they are on a date.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エクセル

French Jérôme
German Axel
Italian Leo
Spanish Axel