Summoner Shot

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Summoner Shot
Summoner Shot (Charging).png
Used by Willy, Clay, Ace
Type Offensive Power Shot
Appearance(s) Mario Tennis: Power Tour
PS Points 7 Response
7 Muscle
5 Balance

The Summoner Shot is an offensive power shot in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. It is used by Willy in the game's story mode, and can be unlocked for usage by the player by having the following PS Stats: 7 Response, 7 Muscle and 5 Balance. Once activated, the user will spin on the spot while an emblem encases the tennis ball. They will then hit the ball, which will fly in a strong curve. If an opponent returns the Summoner Shot, they will be encased by the emblem, and have their movement restricted.

In-game description[edit]

"A shot that confuses opponents with a magic circle."


  • The emblem that encases the ball during the Summoner Shot resembles Psynergy from the Golden Sun series. This is likely a direct reference, as Mario Tennis: Power Tour and the Golden Sun series are both developed by Camelot.