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Species Human
First appearance Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)
Latest portrayal Kate Fleming (2005)

Emi is a character in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. She holds the first ranks in Senior Class singles and doubles at the Academy. She's typically at the Varsity court, but when the second-ranked player or team is defeated, she or she and Roy will arrive at the Senior court to accept the upcoming challenge for the first rank. Though unranked in Varsity singles, she takes the third rank in Varsity doubles shortly after Clay and Ace advance to Varsity.

Emi is left-handed in the story mode, making her shots curve the opposite direction from those of most players in Mario Tennis: Power Tour. Personality-wise, she tends to not let things get to her. Although she admits to being annoyed when she loses, she recovers with little trouble and states her intent to get back at her conqueror(s). She tends to be a very easygoing person who lets bad things go without complaining. During the Island Open, she offers words of encouragement after noting that the cheering seems to be one-sided, referring to how the other varsity players seem to believe that Elroy should be the champion.

In the Senior Class, her doubles partner is Roy. Once Clay and Ace advance to Varsity doubles, though, she switches partners and teams up with Flit.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エミ
French Emi -
German Gabi -
Italian Dafne -
Spanish Emi -


  • She and Tori share the same hair color, and both have a hair strand pointing to their right.