Dr. Demise

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Dr. Demise
Dr. Demise and his assistant, Horace
Dr. Demise (right) with his assistant Horace (left)
Species Human
First appearance Saturday Supercade ("Junior Meets Kid Dynamo") (1983)
“This meteor dust is what gives him his powers...and also what will take his powers...away!”
Dr. Demise, Junior Meets Kid Dynamo

Dr. Demise is a character in the Saturday Supercade episode "Junior Meets Kid Dynamo." He is a villainous criminal mastermind who, along with his assistant Horace, resolves to stop Kid Dynamo.

He first appears at the beginning of the episode, trying to steal a safe from a building, only to be stopped by Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones, with some help from Kid Dynamo.

Dr. Demise later appears at a museum, using his knowledge of a meteor collision ten years prior along with his knowledge of Kid Dynamo's age to deduce that the meteor dust is what gives him his powers. He steals the dust, then appears at Kid Dynamo's house to kidnap Lightning, his anthropomorphic pet dog. This was actually a trap to lure Kid Dynamo into his hideout, and consequently cause him to lose his powers. When Donkey Kong Jr. and Bones try to intervene, Dr. Demise simply opens a trapdoor under them. With the trio caught, he announces his intent to rob the next cargo train to depart from Sweetville Station.

At Sweetville Station, Dr. Demise remotely instructs Horace on how to break into the train's cargo hold. Kid Dynamo then appears, using his restored powers to attack Dr. Demise. The latter eventually crashes his helicopter into a pine tree and gets covered in its needles. Kid Dynamo then attacked the helicopter, destroying it and causing Dr. Demise to plummet towards the same train car a now-immobilized Horace was stuck on. His exact fate is left unknown, but he was presumably arrested along with Horace.