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Suu-chan (human form)Suu-chan (spider form)
Species Humanized Suu
First appearance Super Mario (Super Mario Land) (1989)
“いらっしゃい ませここからはわたしが ご案内いたしま~す
(Welcome, I will guide you from here.)”
Suu-chan, Super Mario Land

Suu-chan is a character from the Super Mario Land manga adaptation in the Super Mario series from KC Deluxe. At first glance, she is a petite cave girl with short black hair, big eyes and a small pair of upper fangs, and wears an animal-print two-piece and a flower on her head. In reality, she is a transformed Suu, but when she reverts to her original spider-like form, she still retains the human head and her limbs are more human-like. She appears in chapters 3 and 4 of Super Mario Land, but also appears in the "find the differences" page and later in the 4koma page to give the solution of the game.

After watching how miserably the moai of Easton Kingdom have failed to stop Mario and Mekakuribō, Tatanga orders the Kumos and Suu to take their place, much to boss Hiyoihoi's frustration. After easily escaping (once more) from the Batadon and Tokotoko, Mario and Mekakuribō encounter Suu-chan, who offers to guide them through a "secure" cave. Mekakuribō (who is actually Princess Peach in disguise) does not trust her, but Mario quickly falls for her beauty and follows her. Mekakuribō gives her the benefit of the doubt, but yells at her when she gets lunged by a swarm of Suu. Mario protects her and quickly gets rid of the spiders (disappointing Suu-chan).

The girl then points to a Hidden Block with a Lift Block inside that Mario takes, entering a bonus area. Now alone, Suu-chan drops a bromide portrait of pop-idol Kazumi Morohoshi "by accident". Mekakuribō takes the bait and jumps at it, failing to noticing a Suu on the ceiling dropping a falling spike on it, knocking it into the river below. Mario returns and when he asks where Mekakuribō went, Suu-chan points to a cliff. When Mario approaches it, she shoves him off into a web made by the Kumos. She then pulls out a vial of "self-made" Suu poison and pours it down. Right before Mario is hit by the poison, the moai barge into the cave and fall into the web, freeing Mario and getting hit by the poison instead, melting instantly.

Furious, Suu-chan orders the Kumos to kill Mario. Hiyoihoi appears with a Bullet Biff Gatling gun and, tired of the spiders stealing his minions' job and also killing them, shoots at everyone, killing the Kumos. One Bullet Biff flies towards Suu-chan, but Mario saves her by tackling her. Hiyoihoi takes off on his flying base, but Mario follows him. Suu-chan, moved by how he saved her even if she was openly and actively trying to kill him, decides to follow and help him. After passing a maze, the two reach Hiyoihoi. Dodging his boulders, Suu-chan reverts to her spider form and asks Mario to pass her some Superballs: by shooting more at once, they are able to defeat the boss in an instant. The plan works and Hiyoihoi disappears, and with him the flying base and all the enemies on it. Suu-chan begins to disappear, thanking Mario and telling him goodbye. Only her flower remains, and Mario cries over her loss. Mekakuribo, having regained consciousness, arrives on the scene and mistakes Mario's tears for tears of joy, causing Mario to become more sad.

Suu-chan appears briefly in Mario's imagination alongside the other characters he had met in Sarasaland during the final battle, giving him the courage to defeat Tatanga.

Suu-chan does not reappear in subsequent issues of the manga series, but her design is reused for the Amazon warriors in the Super Mario Kart saga.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーちゃん
From "Suu" and affectionate honorific「ちゃん」(chan)