Buzz (character)

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Buzz MGAT artwork.png
Buzz, the blue-haired golfer
Species Human
First appearance Mario Golf: Advance Tour (2004)

Buzz is a male golfer in the Mario Golf series. He is a young human boy who is trained by Kid, as well as Neil, Ella, and Helen. Near the start of the game, he is forced to team up with fellow student Helen for a doubles team.

Buzz is just as energetic as Neil and one day aspires to be an ultimate golfer like his teacher. He is inspired to take up golfing from his friends. It appears that, like Putts, his focus tends to fade at times, instead enjoying lounging at the Marion Clubhouse and daydreaming instead of working hard to practice.

Oddly enough, he is not a starting character in Mario Golf: Advance Tour, whereas in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf, the player could pick up to four characters. He is also not a playable character. The only time Buzz and Helen are noticeable is in each singles and doubles tourney chart.


Buzz has a similar hairstyle to Neil, a color palette that resembles Ken, and a clothing style similar to Gene. There is one bang that pokes out from his gelled-back blue hair. His eyes are a teal blue. Buzz wears a lavender purple vest over a blue polo shirt, and wears black pants. His golfing shoes are gold and purple and his golfing glove is white. Buzz's golf bag is black with gold trimming.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バズ