Amy and Mimi

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This article is about the characters from WarioWare Gold. For the character from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, see Amy. For the character from Super Paper Mario, see Mimi.
Amy and Mimi
AmyMimi WarioWareGold.png
Species Humans
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Latest portrayal Amy: Stephanie Sheh
Mimi: Erica Lindbeck

Amy and Mimi are minor characters in WarioWare Gold. They are college students residing in Diamond City.


While Jimmy T is walking down Sapphire Street, a stray cat jumps into his hair, which Amy and Mimi notice. The girls think the cat is cute, and when Jimmy asks if they are fans, Mimi replies that they are. Jimmy replies that he always knows, and Mimi asks if she and Amy can take pictures with their phones. Jimmy answers yes, and the girls squeal with delight. After they are done, Amy thanks Jimmy, and Mimi sends him the "best" photo, which is of the cat. Though Jimmy is in disbelief at first, he shrugs it off after Amy and Mimi leave.


WarioWare Gold character cards[edit]


  • Rank CAmy is a college student in Diamond City. She's at the top of her class and always knows where the fun is.
  • Rank BAmy hopes to be a veterinarian. She wants to make sure that every puppy and kitty feels truly fuzztastic.
  • Rank AAmy is overjoyed when she sees happy, healthy animals. She'll snap pics and put 'em on social media.


  • Rank CMimi is a college student in Diamond City. When not hitting the books, she's with Amy, looking for fun.
  • Rank BMimi wants to be an animal researcher. She wants to specialize in feline analysis and also canine studies.
  • Rank AMimi is overjoyed when she sees adorable animals. She'll snap pics and send 'em to her boyfriend.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese アイミ
Given names
French (NOA) Amy
German Amy
Italian Amy
Spanish Carla
Given names