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Dribble & Spitz preparing the Octoblazooka in WarioWare Gold
Species Octopus
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
“First we get stiffed? And now this?! Dribble...the octoblazooka!”
Spitz, WarioWare Gold

The octoblazooka is a robotic octopus built by Dr. Crygor for Dribble & Spitz which appears in WarioWare Gold. It first appears in the opening cutscene where Wario dials the wrong number, thinking it was one of his friends. It later appears during the cutscenes of Dribble & Spitz, where it is used during the battle against the Space Gangs that attacked them as they are driving their taxi across the Farthest Edge of Space, causing Spitz to lose his patience and declare war against them. The octoblazooka can shoot laser beams out of its mouth.