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This article is about the WarioWare character. For the character in the Super Mario World television series, see Dino Riders.
Artwork of Lulu in WarioWare: Get It Together!
Lulu's appearance in WarioWare: Get It Together!
Species Human
First appearance WarioWare Gold (2018)
Latest appearance Tetris 99 (24th Maximus Cup, cameo) (2021)
WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021, Mario franchise)
Portrayed by Alejandra Cazares[1]
“Fun's over! I'm taking back what's mine!”
Lulu, WarioWare Gold

Lulu is a character introduced in WarioWare Gold. She is the self-proclaimed hero of Luxeville. After Wario steals Luxeville's golden pot, Lulu travels to Diamond City to get the pot back. She is often seen carrying the Hydrocannon LX and occasionally accompanied by Ruffington. Lulu makes various appearances in cutscenes and assists the player in the final stage against Wario Deluxe. She can also clear Wario Deluxe's obstacles in the game mode Wario Interrupts. She reappears in WarioWare: Get It Together!, now as an employee of WarioWare, Inc.


WarioWare Gold[edit]

Lulu goes to Luxeville with the pot

After Wario steals the golden pot from Luxeville, Lulu can be seen trying to challenge Wario from the crowd in the Diamond City Stadium. Wario brushes her aside and continues his speech, and Lulu runs off to train. After every second, sixth, and tenth microgame set is cleared, Lulu can be seen preparing for her confrontation with Wario, but often gets distracted. She also appears in the epilogue cutscene of Young Cricket and Master Mantis' story.

In the final stage of the game, Wario uses the Pot of Luxeville as his crown and becomes Wario Deluxe. After a certain amount of microgames, Wario starts to cheat and hide the control scheme hints of the next microgame. Lulu then launches herself onto Wario and starts distracting him, so the control scheme hints return. After the Boss Stage is beaten, Lulu reclaims the Pot of Luxeville from Wario by squirting it off him with the Hydrocannon LX. She then reveals to Wario that the pot is actually used in Luxeville as a chamber pot. After the announcement, Wario gladly gives the pot back to Lulu, who then returns to Luxeville.

After returning to Luxeville with the pot in tow, Pops reveals to Lulu that the village recently installed a modern toilet, making Lulu's efforts in getting the potty back all for naught.

In Wario Interrupts, she can be summoned to distract Wario for the next three microgames, preventing any of his distractions from happening. To summon her, a small gauge in the corner must be filled up by completing microgames. After Wario throws her off, the gauge resets.

In her character trailer, she receives a camera from Pops and flies around using a balloon to take pictures of all the main cast. During her descent to meet Young Cricket and Master Mantis, she pops the balloon of a Balloon Bird from Balloon Fight. She ends by taking a selfie with Wario, who is sleeping, and pinning the photos on his wall.

WarioWare: Get It Together![edit]

In WarioWare: Get It Together!, Lulu is employed at WarioWare, Inc. and appears as a playable character. After she was pulled into the company's game along with the rest of the crew, she was kidnapped by a large, brown monster and imprisoned at the Thrill Ride stage, one of the stages unlocked after defeating the Wario Bug. She is unlocked after reaching floor 5 (earning five points) in Thrill Ride. While controlling Lulu, she can hover in the air by pressing A Button and ground pound by tilting Left Stick down. When Lulu gets hit, her normally brown eyes turn blue.

Lulu is still shown to have a clear disdain for Wario despite her now working under him, but it is offset by her still-enduring crush on Cricket.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

WarioWare Gold character card[edit]

  • Rank CA mysterious little girl who barged into Wario's game tournament. Lulu has shockingly good reflexes.
  • Rank BLulu's favorite things to eat are slabs o' fried meat and extra-nutty cookies. Sleepy after a meal.
  • Rank ALulu has a knack for packing all sorts of things inside her ribbon. Snacks, weapons, you name it.

WarioWare: Get It Together! character description[edit]

  • "This Luxeville kid is as pesky as she is plucky. She's an adoring fan of Cricket (whether he likes it or not)."


  • "That Wario guy is the worst!"
  • "I'll wipe that stupid mustache right off his stupid face!"
  • "Huh...?"
  • "Yeah! RAINBOW!"
  • "If I'm gonna face Wario..."
  • "I gotta carb up!"
  • "Hungry, little guy?"
  • "Gotta get goin'..."
  • "Lulu, the greatest hero ever..."
  • "Huh?! Wh-what time is it?"
  • "Oh no! I fell asleep! WARIO'S GONNA GET AWAY!"
  • "Thanks for the snuggles!"

Wario: Getting too tough kid? You can always give up.
Lulu: NEVER! Fun's over! I'm taking back what's mine! Hey! Hey, you! I'll take care of Wario here. You go and win this thing!


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルールー[2]
Chinese (Simplified) 露露
French Lulu -
Korean 루루
Russian Лулу[3]
Spanish Lulú Lulu


  • Before the reveal of her name, a Famitsu article on WarioWare Gold calls Lulu onnanoko, which means "young girl". Onnanoko is also the name of a character in Wrecking Crew '98 who has a similar appearance to Lulu.[4]
  • Lulu is the only character to receive an alarm clock souvenir despite not having their own set of microgames. It uses some of the intro microgames from Wario's stages.