Dino Riders

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"Rockman" redirects here. For Mega Man, who is known as "Rockman" in Japan, see Mega Man.
Dino Riders
SMWTV Dino Riders.jpg
The Dino Riders; Duke (left), Rockman (middle), and Lulu (right)
First appearance "Born to Ride"
Species Dinosaurs
Leader Duke
Yoshi (formerly)
“Oh, you wanna be a biker, kid?”
Duke, "Born to Ride"

Duke, Lulu, and Rockman, collectively known as the Dino Riders, are three bikers encountered and the main antagonists of the Super Mario World episode "Born to Ride".

Duke is the apparent leader of the Dino Riders and is what appears to be a dark green Rex wearing a leather-jacket and brown helmet. Duke is also abnormally short. Rockman is Duke's right-hand man and is exceptionally huge and menacing-looking. Lulu is the final member of the gang and the only girl in it, she appears to be some kind of lizard. She wears an orange leather-jacket and wears lipstick with Cupid's-bow lips.

The Dino Riders are first seen when Yoshi is running-away from home; the Dino Riders drive-up to Yoshi on their motorcycles and begin to question him. After learning that Yoshi knows Mario and Luigi, Duke allows Yoshi to join the Dino Riders; secretly though, the Dino Riders simply wanted to use Yoshi to get to the Mario Bros., who they planned to capture and sell to King Koopa.

Manipulating Yoshi, the Dino Riders had the oblivious reptile commit several bad-deeds such as graffiti and stink bombing a house before granting him "full membership" into the gang. Duke then had Yoshi tell Mario and Luigi to meet with the Dino Riders at the Tar Pit Milk Bar. Venturing to the bar, Mario and Luigi were captured by the Dino Riders, who set-off to Bowser's Neon Castle to turn the Bros. in.

While on their way to Neon Castle, the Dino Riders were ambushed by Yoshi and Princess Toadstool, who rescued Mario and Luigi from the Dino Riders. Stealing Lulu's motorcycle, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Toadstool took-off, with the Dino Riders hot on their trail.

The Dino Riders were eventually defeated when, during a high-speed chase, Rockman was blasted into and deep-fried in a lava pit, while Duke and Lulu crashed into a wall. Duke, Lulu and Rockman were last seen staring into the Warp Tube that Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Toadstool had escaped down.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Romanian Dino-ciclist