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“Oogtar want!”
Oogtar, The Night Before Cave Christmas
SMWTV Oogtar the Caveboy.jpg
Species Cave person
First appearance Super Mario World - Ghosts 'R' Us (1991)
Latest appearance Super Mario World - A Little Learning (1991)
Latest portrayal John Stocker

Oogtar is a cave boy resident of Dome City in Dinosaur World. He sometimes causes trouble and appears exclusively in the Super Mario World television series. He wears a green animal skin loincloth with orange spots and he has blond hair. His nickname for Yoshi is "Dino Dude". He also acted as a replacement for Toad and is voiced by John Stocker, who also voiced Toad.

Oogtar is perhaps the mischief-maker of the Cave People, as he pulls all sorts of pranks on everyone. Yoshi seems to be his best friend, as evidenced by the fact that Oogtar is usually seen with him. He lives with his family of two unnamed parents and an unnamed sister.

His first appearance was "Ghosts R Us". He hides out in the Enchanted Forest, with Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool and Yoshi trying to find them. While they're searching for them, Mario, Luigi and the Princess were kidnapped by the Magikoopa, Wizenheimer. Yoshi finds him and they set off to rescue Mario, Luigi and the Princess.

He has appeared in other episodes like "Party Line" and "Rock TV". Three episodes which prominently feature Oogtar are "The Night Before Cave Christmas" and "A Little Learning" and the one above, "Ghosts 'R' Us". The other episodes feature him, but not as much. When he appears in other episodes, he's usually for a gag or part of a crowd shot. However in "Rock TV", it's revealed that Oogtar lives with his parents and that he has a sister.

He also commonly speaks through incomplete sentences. An example of this is "Looky-do, come see!" Some of his dialogue resembles beatnik slang.



  • According to writer Perry Martin, Oogtar was originally named "Bartzan" and was described in the series bible as "a prehistoric cave kid resembling Bart Simpson"[1].


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