Born to Ride

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Super Mario World episode
"Born to Ride"
SMWTV Borntoride.png
Production number 406
Airdate October 26, 1991 (English)
October 9, 1992 (French)
Writer(s) Paul Dell
Steven Weiss
Featured song "Time to Get Wild"
Captain N episode "The Fractured Fantasy Of Captain N"
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"Born to Ride" is the seventh episode of the Super Mario World animated series.


In the Dome Castle, Mario and Luigi are trying to install a sink made of bamboo piping in the place; all the tools Mario uses are small animals. While Mario and Luigi are discussing their pipe installation and how they could possibly make a shower, Princess Toadstool appears and greets them and reminds them to just work on the sink for now. Deciding to show the Princess the new sink, Mario and Luigi are surprised to see it doesn't work. Venturing outside, Mario and Luigi find the source of their unworking sink: Yoshi has been munching on the recently laid water pipes.

Yoshi with the Dino Riders.
Yoshi with the Dino Riders.

Becoming furious at Yoshi, Mario and Luigi yell at him and tell him to stay out of their way while they're on the job. After this scolding, a disheartened Yoshi decides to run away and leave Dome City. As Yoshi, taking what little possessions he has, leaves Dome City, he encounters a rabid Caterpillar, which he quickly gobbles up. After eating the caterpillar, Yoshi is approached by three motorcycle-riding dinosaurs. The bikers introduce themselves as Duke, Lulu, and Rockman, the Dino Riders; after introductions are done, Yoshi asks the Dino Riders if he can be a biker like them. At first Duke, the leader of the Dino Riders, is hesitant, but when Yoshi mentions he knows Mario and Luigi, Duke gladly lets Yoshi join, planning on using him to get to Mario and Luigi so he can capture them and turn them over to King Koopa for a reward.

Yoshi about to eat the paint before Duke hurts him.
Yoshi about to eat the paint before Duke hurts him.

Deciding that Yoshi needs to pass a "test" before joining the Dino Riders, Duke orders Yoshi to vandalize a dome-house with paint. Yoshi is about to eat the paint until Duke whacks him on the head, and he vandalizes the house with a smiley face instead, displeasing Rockman and Lulu. Yoshi is then given a Bob-omb but hesitates. Lulu takes his arm and forces him to throw the Bob-omb inside, revealing to be a Smell Bob-omb upon detonation. After doing these deeds, Yoshi is made an "official" member of the Dino Riders by Duke and given a biker helmet and jacket. After giving Yoshi these items, Duke tells Yoshi to tell Mario and Luigi to meet him at the Tar Pit Milk Bar, saying that he, Rockman and Lulu are going to "teach the Mario Bros. a lesson" for "disrespecting" Yoshi earlier.

Back at the Dome Castle, Princess Toadstool asks Mario and Luigi where Yoshi is; the two reply that they haven't seen Yoshi since they scolded him earlier. A shocked Princess Toadstool scolds the heroes for getting mad at Yoshi, reminding them that he's still a baby and doesn't know any better. Mario reassures her that Yoshi will come crawling back and will forgive them. Then Yoshi, in biker garb, appears to tell Mario and Luigi about how he joined the Dino Riders and about how Duke wants to meet with them. Princess Toadstool agrees with this idea, believing it to be Mario and Luigi's chance to straighten everything out. The three then set off to see the Dino Riders.

Mario & Luigi tied up.
Mario and Luigi after being tied up.

Inside the Tar Pit Milk Bar, Mario and Luigi are ambushed by the Dino Riders, while Yoshi waits outside. After several minutes of waiting, Yoshi becomes curious as to what is taking so long and looks in a window and hears about the Dino Riders' plan to hand Mario and Luigi over to Bowser and how they are going to eat him and the Mario Bros. after they get their reward. A remorseful Yoshi rushes off to get Princess Toadstool to help him rescue Mario and Luigi.

Mario and Luigi getting away from the Dino Riders.

Getting the Princess, Yoshi manages to track down the Mario Bros. and Dino Riders, who are camped out in a field in Lava Land. Duke steals a dish from Rockman to give to Mario and Luigi as their last meal, but after realizing it's Goomba Quiche, they lose their appetite. Jumping from his hiding spot, Yoshi frees Mario and Luigi by chewing through the ropes that bind them and eats the Goomba Quiche thrown at him as weapons. Stealing Lulu's motorcycle and knocking the motorcycles down to slow the Dino Riders down, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Princess Toadstool take off with the Dino Riders in pursuit.

Using a Triangle Block, Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and Yoshi drive up a cliff, but even though Rockman accidentally destroys the Triangle Block, the Dino Riders are still following them, with Rockman going after Mario and Luigi and Duke and Lulu going after Yoshi and Princess Toadstool. Using a pair of Magic Wings, Yoshi manages to evade the Dino Riders, while Mario, as Fire Mario, manages to take out Rockman's motorcycle, plunging the biker into some nearby lava. Duke and Lulu subsequently end up crashing into a wall and get covered in coins after crashing into a cactus while Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and the Princess escape into a nearby Warp Tube. Yoshi is reluctant to leave his motorcycle and outfit behind, but he decides to do so after choosing not to be a biker. After they go down the pipe, the Dino Riders arrive and look down the pipe to witness the loss of their possessions. Once back home, Mario and Luigi are able to finish working on the sink, but then Yoshi walks in eating bamboo again. The plumbers and Princess Toadstool assume that Yoshi has been eating the plumbing again, but Yoshi declares that he's just joking with normal bamboo. The plumbers then try out the sink and are delighted to see that it works.



Animation and continuity errors[edit]

The error which shows the background being misplaced in the Super Mario World television series episode, "Born to Ride".
The misplaced background.
  • In several scenes of the episode, the "L" on Luigi's hat turns white against a black background.
  • When Mario tells Yoshi to stay out of his way while he and Luigi are on a job, his hair is black instead of brown.
  • When Yoshi licks a caterpillar, it appears as if it is already licked.
    • In the same scene, part of his tongue is the same color as the caterpillar.
  • When Duke realizes that Yoshi knows Mario and Luigi, his pupils shift right a few times.
  • Duke freezes mid-animation as he hits Yoshi over the head for trying to eat the paint.
  • In a couple of scenes, Yoshi has three spikes on his back instead of four.
  • When the Cave People run out of their house, the gas emits from it but cannot be seen inside.
  • When Yoshi puts on his jacket, the stripe on his tail is transparent.
  • When Yoshi agrees to the Dino Riders teaching the Marios to be nice to him, Rockman's arms disappear.
  • When Mario and Luigi say, "A gang?", both letters on their caps are missing.
  • When Mario and Luigi walk into the Dino Riders' hideout, Mario's hair is black.
  • When Mario claims that the Dino Riders have taken advantage of Yoshi, alongside Lulu telling the Bros. that they'll soon become their victory meal, both Mario and Luigi's front parts of their shirts are the same color as their skin.
  • When Yoshi starts crying after realizing that the Mario Bros. are in trouble, his eyes are shown angry for a frame.
  • When Yoshi and Princess Toadstool sneak in front of a giant rock, Yoshi is shown without his jacket.
  • When Luigi says, "Mario, it's hopeless!", he is shown smiling, but when Mario tells him that they should not give up, his eyes are shown to be mostly closed, while his mouth glitches several times.
  • When Mario and Luigi escape on Lulu's bike, the "L" on Luigi's helmet is green, but when they remove their helmets, it is black.
  • When Yoshi gets on Princess Toadstool's motorcycle to chase down the Dino Riders, the background is misplaced, making it appear as if they and the rocks are in midair.
  • Lulu's helmet continually switches colors throughout the episode.
  • When the Dino Riders get on their bikes to chase after Mario and Luigi, Lulu gets on Duke's bike, but in the next shot, she is on her own bike. In the following shot, she appears on Rockman's bike, but when he destroys the Triangle Block, she is back on Duke's.
  • When Yoshi high-fives Mario, Mario has four fingers on each hand instead of five.
    • In the same scene, the crown on Princess Toadstool's helmet is yellow instead of white.
  • When Winged Yoshi rides over a lava pit, his wings are the same color as his skin.
  • When Mario uses a Fire Flower, the emblem on his helmet is the same color as the helmet.
  • When the Dino Riders hit a cactus, a second one appears out of thin air.
  • When the Dino Riders peek into the pipe to find that their possessions are gone, Rockman's eyes are the same color as his skin.
    • In the same scene, Lulu speaks without moving her mouth, and shortly afterward, her mouth moves without any dialogue present.
  • When Yoshi walks over to his friends while eating some bamboo, the circle on Luigi's cap is green while the "L" is white.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Yoshi motard Biker Yoshi
German Die Motorradgang The Motorcycle Gang
Italian Centauro volante Flying Centaur
Portuguese Nascido para Viajar Born to Travel
Romanian Născut pe motocicletă[1] Born on motorcycle
Spanish (NOA) Nacido para vagar Born to wander
Spanish (NOE) Nacido a Montar
Nacido para conducir (re-dub)
Born to Ride
Born to drive (re-dub)


  • This was the last episode to be paired with Captain N: The Game Master, due to the shows' cancelation.
  • The music played during the intro of this episode sounds different from the music that is normally played, sounding somewhat like a rock and roll remix.
  • Despite the Dino Riders working for King Koopa, he and the Koopalings do not actually appear in this episode.
  • This episode could be seen as a commentary on peer pressure and particularly street gangs, an issue that was on the rise at the time in the early 1990s.
  • The episode title may be a reference to the film Born to Ride, which, coincidentally, was released in the same year.
  • Beginning with this episode, Yoshi has been redesigned with a more anthropomorphic look that more closely resembles his official game artwork.


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