Koopasonic Rock TV

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The Koopasonic Rock TV showing the hypnotic show, Koopa Sez.

The Koopasonic Rock TV (or just Rock TV) is a kind of television set seen in the Super Mario World episode, "Rock TV". The name Koopasonic is a parody of the Panasonic brand.

During the episode, King Koopa invents a television for Dinosaur World that is made out of rock, yet is still able to receive broadcasts. Posing in costume as spokesman Robby Rockwell, Koopa is able to sell Koopasonic Rock TVs to the Cave People, as well as Mario and Luigi, who all purchase Rock TVs and watch them. The show that everyone watches is Koopa Sez, however, Mario and Luigi's Rock TV breaks and they toss it out their window into the water.

However, the Cave People keep watching. Inside the televisions, it is revealed there are Koopa Wizards who proceed to cast spells on the Cave People so they get hypnotized and follow everything Koopa tells them to do. Koopa then tells them to get Mario and Luigi and bring them to him. At the episode's end, Yoshi starts eating the Rock TVs, spitting out Koopa Wizards that were inside of them.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Romanian Rock TV Koopasonic -