Egg Scoopa Koopa

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Egg Scoopa Koopas from the Super Mario World television series.
Two Egg Scoopa Koopas.

Egg Scoopa Koopas are a type of egg burger only seen in the Super Mario World television series episode, "King Scoopa Koopa".

Egg Scoopa Koopas were prepped by King Koopa and his dinosaur henchmen, with a hint of Special Scoopa Sauce. However, the food was actually revealed to be a ploy to get the customers so obsessed with eating the product that they would end up gradually transforming into Chickadactyls, which were planned to be fried and served at Koopa's future concession stand, "Flew the Koopa's Fried Chickendactyl Stand". The only known people who did not eat any Egg Scoopa Koopas throughout the episode are Mario, who had a huge dislike of eggs, and Princess Toadstool, who never trusted King Koopa's food at all.

The food was discontinued at the end of the episode, as Mario ultimately managed to condemn and destroy Koopa's vendor while ordering the customers to eat vegetables in order to reverse the effects of the Egg Scoopa Koopa.