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This article is about the world from Super Mario World. For the world from Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge with the same name, see Star World (Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge).
Not to be confused with World Star.
Star World
StarWorld SMW.png
Game Super Mario World (1990)
Level(s) 5
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Artwork scene of Mario, Blue Yoshi, and red and yellow Mini-Yoshis in Star World, from Super Mario World.
Star World depicted in Mario Mania
Yoshi's Island (location)Donut PlainsVanilla DomeTwin BridgesForest of IllusionChocolate IslandValley of BowserStar WorldDinosaur Land world map, as seen in Super Mario World.
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Star World is the secret eighth world of Super Mario World. It can be reached by finding one of the five hidden Star Roads.

The levels have different-colored Yoshis in them, and there is a Baby Yoshi in the beginning of a few of the levels so the player can exit the stage with a new ride.

To progress in Star World, the player needs to find the secret exit of each level, with the exception of Star World 5. Through finding Star Roads and clearing stages in Star World, the player can take shortcuts in completing the game. The Star Roads link to Donut Plains, the Vanilla Dome, an island downstream of the Twin Bridges, the outer area of the Forest of Illusion, and the Valley of Bowser.

By finding the secret exit in Star World 5, another Star Road leading to the Special Zone can be accessed.

Star World reappears in Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge. The moon featured here now appears in the top right rather than the top left.

According to the Japanese Shogakukan guide for the game Yoshi, Star World played an instrumental role in the history of Yoshi's Island. Five shooting stars (implied to be the Star Road) came from the light of Star World one night, and one of them knocked the top half of a fossilized egg to its lower half inhabited by contemporary monsters, resulting in Yoshi hatching. These events also resulted in the resurrection of other dinosaurs, and the islands came to be known as Dinosaur Land.[1]

Levels of Star World[edit]

Appearances in other media[edit]

Star Path as it appears in the Super Mario World television series.
The Star Path as it appears in the Super Mario World television series

Star World appears in at least two episodes of the Super Mario World animated series, although here it is referred to as the Star Path. Unlike in the game, the middle hill has a visible door, similar to the domes in Dome City, and the course itself visibly has pipes and lacks the red course marks.

The Star Path first appears in the episode "Send in the Clown," where it was used by Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Princess Toadstool to transport themselves to Neon Castle. In "King Scoopa Koopa," the Star Path is used by Mario and Princess Toadstool to escape from several cave-people (as well as from Luigi and Yoshi), who have been mutated into Chickadactyl-monsters.

What appears to be Star World also appears in "Party Line," when the caterpillars are lost in space. It appears as a background object, and it is shown to be very tall.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スターのしま
Sutā no Shima
Sutā Wārudo
Neitibu Sutā
Star Island

Star World

Native Star

Chinese 星星之路[4]
Xīngxīng zhī Lù
Star Road

French Monde Étoile
Star world
German Sternenwelt
Star World
Italian Via Stella
Star Road/Street
Romanian Cărarea de stele (Super Mario World animated series)
Star path
Spanish Mundo Estelar
Star World


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