Super Mario World (Wonder Life Special: Nintendo Official Guidebook)

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Super Mario World (Wonder Life Special: Nintendo Official Guidebook)
Shogakukan guide for Super Mario World
Shogakukan guide for Super Mario World
Publisher Shogakukan

Super Mario World (Wonder Life Special: Nintendo Official Guidebook) (Japanese: Super Mario World (Wonder Life Special: Nintendo Kōshiki Guidebook)) is a guidebook for Super Mario World published by Shogakukan in 1990. The book is notable for including several original pieces of artwork and comics related to the game.

Super Mario World Special Comic[edit]

Super Mario World Special Comic is a three-page comic strip that tells the story of the opening to Super Mario World. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach are relaxing on the beaches of Yoster Island, when Peach is suddenly grabbed and taken away by a tentacle belonging to an unknown creature. Noticing that Peach has disappeared, Mario and Luigi search for her to no avail, only to come across an egg (appearing as a regular egg without green spots), which hatches into Yoshi. Yoshi introduces himself to Mario and tells him how his friends were also sealed in eggs by "monster turtles", and asks Mario to help him save his friends. Mario recognizes that this was likely Bowser's doing, and deduces that he was also responsible for kidnapping Peach. Mario turns into Caped Mario (although a Cape Feather is not shown) and rides Yoshi, vowing to go after Bowser together.

This comic features one of the very few instances of Super Mario characters swearing in official media, as Mario says "Damn" upon listening to Yoshi's introduction. Another such instance can be found on picture panels promoting the film Super Mario Bros.: Peach-hime Kyūshutsu Dai Sakusen!.

Luigi's thoughts. Volume 1[edit]

A 4-koma from the Shogakukan guidebook for Super Mario World.

Luigi's thoughts. Volume 1 (ルイージの思い. の巻) is a 4-koma featured in the book. In resentment of the fact that Mario is always referred to as the main protagonist, Luigi brags to a Koopa Troopa that he has a bigger penis than Mario.


  • First panel: "Strategy Guides like this always call Mario the main protagonist."
  • Second panel: "However, my dick is bigger."
  • Fourth panel: "Did you hear me, turtle? My dick is bigger."



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