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A banner for Waiwai! Wario, which is presumably a cropped version of the manga's cover.
Banner for Waiwai! Wario

Waiwai! Wario (Japanese: ワイワイ!ワリオ, in English, roughly Noisy! Wario) is a one-off gag manga created by Ryuusuke Hamamoto (Japanese: 濱元 隆輔) published in Famitsu DS+Wii magazine in February 2006. The manga is based off of WarioWare: Touched! and features most of the game's cast.

The story begins with Mona finding Wario sleeping at WarioWare, Inc.'s HQ, something that horrifies her as he had promised to go with her to her live concert. Mona wakes up Wario, who refuses to go to the concert because he still has video games to complete. Mona summons 9-Volt & 18-Volt to beat the games for him, but immediately afterward, Wario dozes off. Kat & Ana appear to wake up Wario using brute force, but they are defeated by his fart. Finally, Mona calls Ashley for help, who wakes up Wario by stabbing a voodoo doll of him in one of its buttocks, causing Wario to leap awake in pain. Wario begrudgingly accepts to go to the concert, but after Mona points out there is heavy rain outside, he immediately goes to sleep once again. The comic ends with a note saying that they were late for the concert.


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