How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains

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Cover art of the book.

How to Draw Nintendo Heroes and Villains was a book written by Michael Teitelbaum and illustrated by Ron Zalme. Published in March 2004[1], it shows how to draw Nintendo's famous characters such as Mario, Donkey Kong, and Link. A lot of the images the book teaches to draw are rendered artworks of the various characters from their respective games.


The drawings go in order as they appear in the book:

The Kerog error.


  • Bowser was infamously called Kerog by mistake; this was fixed in the successor How to Draw Nintendo Greatest Heroes & Villains.
  • Tiny Kong and Chunky Kong's artwork are the only artworks based on their in-game models and not their rendered models.
  • Despite assisting the Kongs in Donkey Kong 64, Snide is labeled as a "villain."


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