Super Mario Bros. 3: The Secret Bridge

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Cover of Super Mario Bros. 3: The Secret Bridge
The cover of Super Mario Bros. 3: The Secret Bridge

Super Mario Bros. 3: The Secret Bridge is a Golden Look-Look Book written by Jack C. Harris. It was illustrated by Art and Kim Ellis and published by Western Publishing in 1990.[1][dead link] It is aimed at very young readers.


Mario, Luigi, Princess Toadstool, and a group of Mushroom People are heading back to the Mushroom Kingdom after taking back the gold coins that King Koopa had stolen from them. Along the way, Luigi decides to pick up some Fire Flowers, which are immediately put to use when a group of Koopa Troopas attacks the heroes. After fighting off the Koopa Troopas, the heroes fall down a sewer pipe that leads to a dungeon with a bridge leading to the other side of a chasm. However, Koopa is waiting for them and demands the Mario Brothers return the gold coins to him. Instead, the Mario Brothers, the princess, and the Mushroom People begin dismantling and stacking up the pipes around them, forming a large tower on top of which Mario is sitting. Luigi then aims his final Fire Flower at the base of the tower, causing it to fall and create a secondary bridge across the chasm. With Mario across, the Koopas attempt to block off both bridges, though the other characters have already run through the pipe bridge instead of over, as Koopa was expecting. Suddenly, the pipe bridge begins to break, and the Koopas try to jump to the original bridge, only for Mario to pull the switch that makes it disappear, sending the Koopas to the bottom of the chasm. With the gold coins recovered and Koopa and his troops defeated, the heroes return to Toadstool's castle and have pizza.

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