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The cover of Go!! Go!! Mario Kart.
Go!! Go!! Mario Kart

Go!! Go!! Mario Kart was a manga gag/racing strip created by Shin Ogino (「おぎの しん」, Ogino Shin) published in Famitsu Gamecube+Advance magazine from February 2006 to July 2006. Over 7 episodes have been produced for the manga series.

It is based off of Mario Kart DS, and contains all characters except the unlockable ones from the game, such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Princess Peach. Some courses from the game also make an appearance, as well as the items.

The racers often use dramatic poses and expressions during each race of the grand prix.


The episode 1 cover of the Go! Go! Mario Kart manga.
Episode 1

Episode 1 starts off with a grand prix race already in session. Bowser ends up winning the race, with Mario and Luigi coming in 2nd and 3rd place respectively. During the scenes before the next race, Toadsworth is shown to be the mechanic for Mario and Luigi, and Bowser, with the help of his Koopa assistant, creates a special Bob-omb exclusive to Bowser. After that, the next race begins, which shows the cast participating.

Episode 2 begins with the race still continuing. Bowser uses his custom Bob-omb, which engulfs Luigi and Yoshi, creating a hole on the race track. The episode ends with Mario and Luigi facing at each other, with the former driving toward the latter.

Episode 3 begins with Luigi using his kart's ability to set up a ramp. This allows Mario to jump past the hole created by the Bob-omb. Mario then faces up with Bowser, with the former winning due to Yoshi falling on Bowser's head. Mario and Luigi come in 1st and 2nd place, with Peach following at 3rd. Bowser, furious at this defeat, creates a special Koopa shell that homes in on any object. He tests this out with a Mario plushie, which ends up being destroyed by the Koopa shell. The next race is setup at Shroom Ridge. During the race, Bowser warns Wario about his custom shell item. Bowser gets close to Mario and throws three of his custom shell items at him. However, Bowser's tires ends up hitting a rock, which causes him to slip off and accidentally throw the shells at Peach instead. Toadsworth tells Mario to try and get three Red Shells to throw at the custom shells, which will cause them to be knocked off. Mario ends up getting the three Red Shells, but slips up with one of them. The episode ends with Peach having one custom shell on the way and Mario having no red shells.

Episode 4 starts where the last episode left off. The custom shell ends up spotting Mario and is now focused on its initial target. Mario ends up passing Peach and catches up with Luigi. Bowser passes Wario and Donkey Kong, and gets a regular Bob-omb item. He ends up using it on Luigi. Mario and Bowser end up going head to head, only for the custom shell to hit the former, causing the latter to win. Mario and Luigi follow up with 2nd and 3rd place, but Mario ends up not appearing in the ceremony, which worries Peach. Toadsworth ends up introducing Luigi to his and Mario's new karts, which are the B Dasher and Poltergust 4000. Bowser also gets a new kart, being the Tyrant. The next race is set at Wario Stadium, and reveals all the other characters got new karts as well. During the race, Bowser uses a Mushroom, and then uses his kart's ability to spread ink, which causes Mario and Luigi to slip out. Luigi then uses his kart's built-in vacuum cleaner to clean the ink, with Mario right behind him. However, the latter ends up going back to the ink, ending the episode.

Episode 5 has Mario using a Golden Mushroom to pass the ink, which also spreads it apart. With the item, Mario ends up jumping ahead of Bowser and wins the race. After the race, Bowser ends up putting his frustrations at his Koopa assistant, and Toadsworth adds a screen and buttons to the Poltergust 4000, which resemble the Nintendo DS. The next race begins at Airship Fortress. Toad makes it to 1st, but Bowser ends up using his custom Bullet Bill item, which Toad ends up on. Mario and Luigi try to rescue Toad, with Luigi getting a Spiny Shell thanks to his kart's new features. Mario ends up rescuing Toad, and the Spiny Shell manages to attack Bowser's Bullet Bill, but it manages to make it out alive, ending this episode.

Episode 6 has Luigi getting another Spiny Shell and throwing it to the Bullet Bill. This ends up with it breaking, but Bowser still manages to win the race. The final race at the Grand Prix is Rainbow Road. Before the race begins, Bowser gets a mechanic to install a Bowser chip to the B Dasher, which causes Mario's kart to not start. Toadsworth eventually finds and removes the chip, which can let Mario to race again, but now he is a lap behind.

Episode 7 is the final episode of the manga, and has Mario charging towards Bowser. During this, Mario ends up passing Yoshi, Peach, Toad, and Luigi, and they all reflect on what Mario has done for them during the grand prix, as well as thanking him. Mario ends up catching up to Bowser in another head to head showdown. Bowser ends up falling off of the track which causes Mario to win the grand prix. All of the characters celebrate Mario's victory, ending the manga series.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴー!! ゴー!! マリオカート
Gō!! Gō!! Mario Kāto
Go!! Go!! Mario Kart

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