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This article is about the comic. For the manga referred to as "Super Mario Adventures" in Spanish, see Super Mario-kun.
The cover to the Viz Media reprint of Super Mario Adventures
The cover for the 2016 reprint of Super Mario Adventures
Cover of the French localization of Super Mario Adventures
The cover of the French localization

Super Mario Adventures is a comic in the Super Mario franchise that was originally serialized in Nintendo Power in twelve installments in the January to December 1992 issues alongside the comic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The comic was later serialized in Japan through CoroCoro Comic in 1993. The comic was written by Kentaro Takekuma and illustrated by Charlie Nozawa. While the comic tells a largely unique story, it is loosely based on Super Mario World, featuring many of the same enemies and characters.

After the comic's run in Nintendo Power, the ten parts were collected as a graphic novel, which could be ordered through the July 1993 issue, celebrating the magazine's 50th issue and fifth anniversary.[1] This release also featured the comic Mario vs. Wario (originally printed in the January 1993 issue) as a bonus comic. In 2016, Viz Media announced that it would reprint the graphic novel, which was released on October 12.[2] On September 9, 2017, it was announced that Soleil Productions would release the comic in its Soleil Manga collection in France on December 6,[3] but it was later advanced to November 29.[4]


Issue 32 (January 1992)[edit]

A magazine scan used to illustrate how Mario appears in the comics.
Mario and Luigi arrive at the castle and fix the plumbing.

Mario and Luigi arrive at the palace of the Mushroom Kingdom, where a party is scheduled to take place in the evening. There is a huge mess in the plumbing, however; all the pipes are mixed up and disconnected. The Mario Bros. quickly get to work (Luigi getting stuck in the mess) and eventually clean up the plumbing except for a disconnected green pipe that they had not seen before. Mario then finds a giant pipe that also was not there before and peeks inside, only for a Jumping Piranha Plant to leap up and chomp on his nose. At that moment, more large pipes start popping out of the ground, and Mario and Luigi flee the basement, only to find that numerous pipes have already sprung up in the courtyard.

Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool is playing a video game in the castle, accompanied by her attendants. One of her guards then appears with the news that pipes have appeared all over the castle. Various enemies then start appearing out of the pipes and attack the Mushroom guards, while Mario and Luigi are completely surrounded. A Goomba and a Jumping Piranha Plant attack Luigi, but Mario jumps on them to save him. Mario then has an idea: He pulls up a pipe that Luigi kicks a Goomba into, then puts the other end in his mouth and spits it back out at the enemies to beat them. At that moment, however, a giant pipe shoots out of the ground, and Bowser, in his Clown Copter, appears out of it.

Issue 33 (February 1992)[edit]

After testing his microphone, Bowser starts to rap, telling Princess Toadstool that he wants to rule the Mushroom Kingdom and that the only way they will live peacefully is if she marries him. The princess is outraged, but Bowser gives her time to think about her choice, threatening that if she refuses, he will turn her people to stone, petrifying some of the guards as an example. The Toads remind themselves that they have Mario and Luigi on their side, but they find that Mario has also been turned to stone, causing the princess to explode in anger. Bowser leaves the castle down the same pipe, and the princess leaps out the window, intending to chase after him. After she calls some troops to her side, they go down the pipe, intending to try to negotiate with Bowser.

Meanwhile, Luigi is trying to get Mario to return to normal. The Toad attendants, however, have the idea to call the Minister of Massage, who massages the stone Mario. One week later, Mario is back to normal. Coming to his senses, he remembers Bowser, and the Toads tell him that he left back down the pipe, with the princess chasing after him. Mario and Luigi jump down the pipe themselves, and after a while, they appear out the other end, in the sky over a jungle. After a rough landing, Luigi gets his head wedged into the ground. Mario pulls him up to reveal a giant egg. Finding themselves hungry, the Mario Bros. try to cook the egg, but it suddenly hatches into a dinosaur.

Issue 34 (March 1992)[edit]

After the dinosaur hatches, the Mario Bros. cower away from it. They believe that it wants to eat them as it approaches.

Meanwhile, Princess Toadstool and her troops are in the desert, with their supply of water gone. One of the troops tries to tell Toadstool that the search is ridiculous. Just as he points out that there are no clouds in the sky, clouds suddenly start appearing. Toadstool's companions attempt a rain dance, but the clouds are soon revealed to be Lakitus, who attack them with Spinies.

Back in the jungle, Luigi is running away from the dinosaur. He finally finds Mario, hiding in a bush, but when Luigi joins him, Luigi finds himself sitting on a giant caterpillar. Mario tries to save Luigi, but stomping on the caterpillar's head only makes it angry, and as they run, they find the approaching dinosaur. They prepare for the worst, but instead, the dinosaur grabs the caterpillar with its tongue and tries to eat it. Realizing they are fine, the brothers try to sneak away as the dinosaur and caterpillar fight, but the dinosaur soon finishes its meal and notices the brothers. As they plead for the dinosaur not to eat them, it starts to speak (though only through the word "Yoshi"), and they realize that it is not hostile. Mario and Luigi hop on its back, and the dinosaur carries them away.

The dinosaur and the Mario Bros. arrive at a village full of other dinosaurs. At first, Mario and Luigi are very nervous, but soon after, they find another human, who introduces himself as a salesman named Friendly Floyd. Floyd tells them that they are in Yoshi Village and that their dinosaur companion is Yoshi, the "Chairman of the Dino Chamber of Commerce." After the Mario Bros. ask why Yoshi was trapped in an egg, Floyd, interpreting for Yoshi, explains that it was "Koopa's curse"; some of the villagers were kidnapped, and when Yoshi went to save them, Bowser sealed him in an egg. As the situation has been bad for business, Floyd offers to sell the Mario Bros. something, to which Mario replies that they need a Yoshi interpreter. Floyd cannot stay with them, but he instead offers ACME's Yoshi Language Learner for 3,000 coins, which (after the brothers call it a rip-off) he quickly lowers to ten coins. The brothers buy the book, and after Floyd leaves, they are mad when they learn from the book that every word and phrase translates to "Yoshi." However, one of Toadstool's guards stumbles into the village and collapses, telling Mario and Luigi that Bowser has captured the princess.

Issue 35 (April 1992)[edit]

Ludwig and the other Koopalings playing a video game
Princess Toadstool, threatening to tear-up Wendy's favorite dress, much to Wendy's horror.
Toadstool fleeing from Wendy's forces

At the Koopalings' tower, Ludwig and the others are playing a video game when the screen cuts to a video feed of Bowser, who explains to them that he has proposed to Princess Toadstool. At that moment, his chef shows him the model for his wedding cake, stating that the actual cake will be twice as big, though Bowser wants it even bigger. He then reminds the Koopalings to make sure the princess does not escape, but they have already switched back to playing the game, prompting Bowser to yell at them (destroying the screen in the process). Lemmy points out that the princess is still safely in her cell, but they suddenly see that she is gone and quickly open the cell to check. Toadstool, however, has actually perched herself on the ceiling and drops down on them, knocking them out and escaping. However, she is confronted by Wendy and several guards, who chase after her.

Mario, Luigi, and Toad have arrived outside the castle, Toad saying that he saw Bowser's forces take Toadstool inside. Mario tries to swim across the moat, but he is attacked by Urchins, Fish Bones, and Porcupuffers (which the moat is filled with).

Back in the tower, Toadstool reaches Wendy's room, fending off the guards by throwing furniture at them and stopping Wendy by threatening to tear apart one of her outfits. The other Koopalings then arrive, and Roy charges at the princess, but she grabs a cape and dodges him. She climbs onto the windowsill to escape, but she hesitates after seeing how high up she is. The Koopalings charge at her, and the princess loses her balance and slips.

Issue 36 (May 1992)[edit]

As the princess falls down the tower, the cape suddenly catches her, allowing her to float to safety. Meanwhile, Mario and his group are walking around the moat when they find Friendly Floyd, who is trying to sell lipstick to a Piranha Plant. They decide to ignore him, and Luigi sits down, not realizing he is sitting on a cannon. Mario knocks him off and is caught as it fires a Bullet Bill, sending him flying toward the tower and directly past Toadstool, causing her to lose control. Mario then crashes into Wendy's room (the Koopalings surprised to find him), while the princess lands in the woods, with Luigi and the others finding her unconscious.

Bowser is infuriated that Toadstool has escaped. He roars at the Koopalings, and as they make excuses, his anger causes him to smash the room he is in. Wendy, however, reassures him by telling him they have captured someone even better: Mario.

While Luigi, Toad, and Yoshi try to wake up Toadstool, two Mechakoopas come up in a boat. They announce that Mario is being held prisoner and that they want the princess in exchange, demonstrating what will happen to Mario by burning a doll if the group does not comply. Suddenly, Friendly Floyd appears, advertising his new makeup line. Luigi denounces it at first, but he suddenly has an idea and heads into the bushes with everyone. A moment later, Toadstool reappears and heads across the lake with the Mechakoopas. As soon as she enters the tower, the Koopalings take her.

Issue 37 (June 1992)[edit]

Toad and Yoshi in disguises to fool the Koopalings
Princess Peach
Toadstool, dressed as Luigi, and Floyd ambush the Koopalings.

Mario and Princess Toadstool's wedding takes place in a church. Floyd, as the pastor, does the ceremony, but just as they are about to kiss, the princess whirls around to find Mario, having been captured by Bowser's minions, and turns back around to see Bowser trying to kiss her. The princess then wakes up and realizes what happened was only a nightmare. However, she panics and runs when she sees Yoshi, and yet again when she runs into Friendly Floyd. Seeing her Toad bodyguard, she finally calms down and remembers how she saw Mario zooming past her when she was flying. She realizes that Mario is nowhere to be seen, and Toad tells her that he is a prisoner. She dashes toward the castle to go save him, but Toad tells her that she will ruin Luigi's plan, at which point she realizes she is wearing his clothes.

Inside the tower, Bowser congratulates the Koopalings on bringing back Toadstool (who is wearing a surgical mask). Ludwig tells him that she will not accept his proposal, but the princess tells Bowser that she loves him and will marry him. Bowser is happy, but he points out that her voice sounds weird, though she says that she has a cold. She then asks to be untied, to which Bowser agrees, and he cheers after turning off communications.

Meanwhile, Mario is sitting in his cell when Luigi appears, revealing to him that he has disguised himself as Toadstool (though Mario laughs at him). When Wendy appears, Luigi asks what she and the other Koopalings are going to do with Mario, and she tells him that they plan to feed him to the piranhas. After an initial shock, Luigi changes the subject and offers to order pizza, to which the Koopalings agree. He calls Toad and Yoshi, disguised as pizza delivery men, who head to the tower with their "delivery." As they arrive in the tower, however, the box opens, revealing the actual Princess Toadstool and Friendly Floyd with several bombs.

Issue 38 (July 1992)[edit]

Toadstool threatens to blow up the tower if the Koopalings do not free Mario. The Koopalings, however, are confused that there are two Princess Toadstools until Luigi reveals himself. As they try to charge, Toadstool pulls a match threateningly, though Wendy calls her a bluff. While the Koopalings are distracted, however, Luigi sneaks over to Roy and steals the keys to Mario's cell from him. He leaps over Roy when he dives for him, but he ends up jumping into the ceiling and drops the keys, which Toad catches. As the Koopalings chase him, he throws the keys to Yoshi, and as he runs away, he stealthily passes the keys to Luigi, who gets to work on freeing Mario, though he cannot find the right key.

The Koopalings continue to chase Yoshi, but they cannot catch him (while Floyd tries to sell them medical supplies, which Toadstool stops). Wendy finally trips Yoshi, sending him crashing into the others, and she drops Thwomps onto them. Meanwhile, Luigi finally unlocks Mario's cell, but he must now find the right key to release the ball and chain on Mario's leg. Wendy sends a horde of Chargin' Chucks after the group, but Toadstool once again threatens to use the bomb. Wendy insists that she is bluffing, but the princess states that she is more than willing to sacrifice herself to stop them (Wendy calling her crazy for it). However, Mario has finally been freed and takes out the Chargin' Chucks, though the Koopalings send him, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadstool, and Toad down into a dungeon below, where Reznors start attacking them with fireballs. One of them lights the fuse on the bomb, which explodes, destroying the tower.

Issue 39 (August 1992)[edit]

The "rescue party"

In the explosion, Mario and the group are sent flying away and land in the forest, across the moat. The princess insists that Luigi should give her clothes back, while Friendly Floyd leaves after the group refuses to buy more bombs. The five characters cheer as they start on their way back to the Mushroom Kingdom, their journey seemingly at an end.

Bowser's Toad disguise in Super Mario Adventures.
Mario and Luigi "rescued" by "Toad"

However, Mario stops the group when he remembers that they arrived where they are through the pipe, which is hanging in the sky. Although Luigi, Toadstool, and Toad panic at first, Toad thinks to use the cape to fly back to the Mushroom Kingdom and send a rescue team for the group. The other characters send him off, and later in the day, their rescue party arrives. As they climb up the ladder leading into the pipe, however, the leading Toad kicks Mario back down and slices it, sending Mario and Luigi falling back to the ground. The Toad then reveals himself to be Bowser and takes the princess back up the pipe, which is revealed to be part of a ship hiding itself in the clouds, Toad revealing that Bowser's forces have taken control of the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi try to chase after them, but Bowser sends Koopa Paratroopas to stop them. Mario is able to jump on them, while Yoshi starts eating them, growing a pair of wings after eating one with a blue shell. Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi try to fly after Bowser, but they have lost him, and when Mario asks Yoshi where Bowser went, Yoshi spits out the shell to answer, and they fall to the ground. Picking themselves up after the crash landing, they find that they have landed in front of a gloomy-looking house.

Issue 40 (September 1992)[edit]

The Mario Bros. decide to inspect the house, unaware that they are being watched by Bowser and the Koopalings with a camera mounted to the house. The brothers see that nobody is inside, so Luigi tries to go in, believing that it is someone's vacation retreat. Mario, however, grabs him by the overalls, insisting that he has a weird feeling about the house. The Koopalings gasp, believing that the trap is not going to work. Bowser then explains that the Mario Bros. are too tired and hungry not to go inside, and Mario simultaneously states that he believes it is a trap. Panicking, Bowser presses a button to activate his "trump card." As Mario is leaving, Luigi insisting that he is paranoid, they start to smell provolone, drawing Luigi inside. Mario and Yoshi chase after him, shouting at Luigi to stop, but Yoshi gets caught in the door and Mario is knocked off into the house as a metal door slams down from above, shutting Yoshi out and trapping the brothers inside. Bowser, pleased that his plan worked out, skips off to continue planning his "perfect wedding."

As Mario wanders the halls, calling for Luigi, a Boo appears behind him. Mario notices quickly and turns around. However, the Boo stops and hides its face. As Mario inspects it, asking if it was following him, a second Boo floats towards Mario and bites him on the bottom, angering him. As he faces the second Boo, the first one quickly bites him. Mario races away with the Boos giggling behind him.

Meanwhile, Luigi has followed the scent to a room with a huge piece of provolone being aired by a huge fan. Luigi is suspicious for a moment about the fan, then exclaims that the situation is too good to pass up. As he eats the cheese, a large horde of Boos starts to slowly gather behind him. At the last second, Mario appears and warns him of the Boos inches behind him. When Luigi turns around, he panics and runs away with Mario. The Boos corner the brothers against a wall, so the brothers slide along it, keeping their eyes on the Boos. Eventually, they slide until they reach a hallway, unaware that a Big Boo is behind them.

Issue 41 (October 1992)[edit]

As Mario and Luigi back down the hallway, Luigi trips, noticing the Big Boo behind them. Luigi freaks out, causing Mario to turn around in confusion. When Mario turns around, he becomes very surprised by the Big Boo. Upon the brothers both turning away from them, the horde of smaller Boos advances, chomping on Luigi. The brothers stand back-to-back, with Mario keeping an eye on the Big Boo and Luigi looking at the smaller Boos, keeping them all away.

Meanwhile, at Bowser's Castle, Bowser and his Magikoopa attendant watch a massive group of Yoshis pulling the cart with the giant wedding cake on it, the Magikoopa explaining that they hired a Magikoopa hypnotist to entrance them. Regardless, Bowser warns him to keep an eye on the Yoshis, as they are still enemies. Then, Bowser asks of Toadstool, and he is informed that her dress is being fitted. Unable to hold back his anxiousness, Bowser rushes to her room to take a peek before the wedding, the Magikoopa trying in vain to warn him that doing so is bad luck.

Back in the haunted house, hours later, Mario and Luigi are getting tired from staring down the Boos. However, their apparent shyness gives Mario an idea, and he pulls Luigi under the Big Boo towards a nearby room. They close the door, and Luigi questions why they wanted to go here. Mario quickly starts to rearrange some items, and when the Boos finally get inside, they find Mario dressed as a doctor, with Luigi as his nurse. They direct the Big Boo to lie on the couch, and Mario diagnoses the Big Boo with anthrophobia (a fear of humans), asking it to talk about its childhood. Later, the Big Boo and the smaller Boos are all crying as the Boo has explained its troubled past (even Luigi starts crying because he had similar experiences, though Mario does not counsel him). Finally, Mario comforts the Big Boo, telling it not to let its bullies control its life. He also tells the Boo how big of a universe there is, and those bullies did not matter compared to the vast universe. The Mario Bros. and Boos head outside to get some air, and as thanks for helping them, Mario asks how to get to Bowser's Castle. Once the Boos are out of sight, the brothers remove their disguises and charge on Yoshi toward the castle.

Issue 42 (November 1992)[edit]

A page from the Super Mario Adventures Comic.
The Mario Bros. and Yoshi in the lava-filled cavern
The wedding between Bowser and Peach commencing.
Bowser and Toadstool's wedding has begun.

At Bowser's Castle, a large crowd has gathered for the wedding between Bowser and Princess Toadstool (Friendly Floyd is also there, selling automatic cameras for the event). Meanwhile, the hypnotist halts the hypnotized Yoshis pulling the cake, and he orders them to march down a conveyor belt into a machine, where they are sealed in eggs. Up above, Mario is watching with Yoshi and notes that the security is tight. Luigi then finds a pipe that he believes will bring them inside. While they travel through the pipe, Luigi complains about the heat, and after scrambling to the end of the tunnel, the group finds that it leads into a lava-filled cavern. Mario sees a small rock island in the lava, but when they jump on it, a Thwomp starts to fall. They jump away before it can land on them. Luigi and Yoshi land on another rock island, but Mario finds himself jumping across a group of Blarggs before leaping through another pipe on the other end.

Meanwhile, Bowser is preparing for the wedding when he is informed that the princess is acting hysterical. In the bride's chamber, Toadstool is attacking the Koopas and Goombas attending to her, insisting that she will not wed Bowser. When reassuring her does not work, Bowser has the hypnotist brainwash her into loving him, and he is so thrilled with the results that he orders a Troopa to bring him a video camera to record it.

The wedding begins. While Bowser is bringing the princess down the aisle, Mario has found his way through the pipe he went through, which happens to come out of Bowser's wedding cake. Seeing the ceremony, Mario jumps down before the princess can say her "I do."

Issue 43 (December 1992)[edit]

After Mario kicks Bowser away, Mario is shocked to hear Toadstool calling Bowser "darling." Nevertheless, Mario grabs her and attempts to get her out, while Bowser sends his guards after them.

Elsewhere, Luigi and Yoshi have gotten lost in the basement while looking for Mario. They find a room full of eggs, and Yoshi suddenly becomes ecstatic, pointing them out to Luigi. Luigi recalls that he and Mario hatched Yoshi out of a similar egg, and he realizes that the other Yoshis have been trapped in these eggs. The two then set to work freeing them all.

Back at the party, Mario has been beaten and tied up while Bowser taunts him. Bowser orders the minister to continue the ceremony, but he is suddenly interrupted by a guard informing him that the Yoshis have escaped. At this point, the Yoshis (with Luigi) come storming in, trampling over the enemies. Bowser orders the hypnotist to cast another spell, but he too is trampled, which breaks the spell on the princess, who promptly unties Mario. Bowser attempts to escape in the Clown Car, but Mario snags the propeller with the rope he was tied up with, causing the Clown Car to crash into the cake.

Bowser hides inside the cake as the Yoshis start eating it, and as soon as he emerges, he finds Mario standing over him. Bowser tries to charge at him, but he misses and falls into the cake again. The cake then starts to fall apart, and Mario jumps off before it collapses on top of Bowser. With Bowser finally defeated, Toadstool kisses Mario. The narration states that the Yoshis were freed and that the Mario Bros. and Toadstool returned to the Mushroom Kingdom to rest "until their next great adventure."

Similarities to the games[edit]

Prior to the release of this comic, most of the Super Mario-franchise media outside the video games, such as The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, differed from the games in terms of artistic style, character designs, storylines, and settings. Super Mario Adventures, however, subverts many of these issues. The character designs are mostly faithful to the series' official artwork at the time, and the comic largely uses existing settings and characters.

In addition, Super Mario Adventures was one of the first forms of media that displayed traits or elements for certain characters that, even if not the direct inspiration, have since been used to define the characters in later media, such as:


  • Spike Tops are featured with a brownish color similarly to the Galoombas as opposed to their standard red coloring.
    • After Mario stomps the Wiggler in chapter three, its angry form is shown with an orange coloring instead of red.
  • During Peach's dream sequence, Friendly Floyd is the pastor in Mario and Peach's wedding, yet she had not met Floyd until the next scene after she wakes up.
  • In the scene where Toad is captured, Luigi mistakenly calls the Paratroopas "Mecha-Koopas."

Graphic novel changes[edit]

When the comic was later reprinted in graphic novel format, some of the dialogue was altered from the original. These include the following:

  • Part 2, page 8, panel 6: Luigi: "Tell my stomach that!" --> "Tell your stomach that!"
  • Part 3, page 4, panel 8: Luigi: "Yahoo!" --> "Yikes! What a fight!"
  • Part 6, page 8, panel 2: Toad: "Onto plan B!" --> "We have a delivery to make!"
  • Part 8, page 8, panel 7: Mario: "Quit clowning around, Luigi! Look!" --> "Look! I wonder if anybody's home..."
  • Part 9, page 1, panel 1: Mario: "Quit clowning around, Luigi! Look!" --> "I don't see any lights on..."
  • Part 9, page 5, panel 8: Koopalings: "He's off the royal rocker!" --> "I hate it when he's right!"
  • Part 11, page 4, panel 5: Mario: "Ow ow ow!" --> "Look out!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マリオの大冒険
Mario no Daibōken
Mario's Big Adventure

French (NOE) Super Mario Adventures
Spanish Super Mario Adventures


  • Bowser's threatening to turn the Mushroom People into stone might be a reference to the manual in Super Mario Bros., as its plot summary states that Bowser brought a spell that turned the Mushroom Kingdom residents into inanimate objects, just like early in the comic.
  • Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga and its remake would both have a scenario where Luigi would have to take Peach's place, having to wear her dress and a wig, so as to retrieve the stolen Beanstar. However, in this instance, rather than wearing a mask, he simply covers his mustache with his hands, which ultimately gives him away.
  • Toad's fate is never revealed after he is captured, as he is not seen after that scene, nor is the fate of the other Toads after they are seen in the desert.
  • This is the first piece of Super Mario media that depicts Bowser as having a musical side. This character trait was used again over 20 years later in The Super Mario Bros. Movie, where Bowser sings "Peaches."


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