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Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo!! (オレだよ!ワリオだよ!!) is a Japanese-published Wario comic book series written by Yukio Sawada, published by Shogakukan, and serialized in the Japanese magazine CoroCoro Ichiban! The series is based on more recent Wario games, including Wario World, Wario: Master of Disguise and Wario Land: Shake It! The comic series has had references in Super Mario-Kun, a comic by the same author, including Wario's punch-line, "Ore Dayo! Wario Dayo!!" (It's me! Wario!!) On the cover, in English, it says "I AM WARIO!!". The table below lists the cover art, the game the issue was based on, and the date released.

Issue # Description Date of Release Image
1 The first book of the series, starting at Wario World. He forms a pair with Nekkoro (Spriteling). They fight most of the bosses of the game, with humor integrated with the game plot. December 30, 2007
2 The second book ended the Wario World series, with a battle against the black jewel. Bukkoro, the pig-like Spriteling turned out to be the forty Spritelings combined as one, and all were saved. The book also started of the Wario: Master of Disguise series. He once again forms a team, this time with Goodstyle. They go through the many enemies, gaining new disguises along the way. June 2, 2008
3 The third book is based on Wario Land: Shake It! July 28, 2010

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