Super Mario Odyssey: Kingdom Adventures

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Super Mario Odyssey: Kingdom Adventures is a series of books published by Prima Games. It is comprised of six volumes, with each of them focusing on a different group of kingdoms from Super Mario Odyssey. They are self-described "travel companions" that provides descriptions of checkpoints and other areas of note within the kingdoms, including the location's enemies and friendly species (although they occasionally pull information and images from the in-game brochures). They also feature various images that are implied to be taken by Mario, with captions from his perspective. For example, one image that shows Mario tiredly standing on the edge of The "Sometimes" Bridge has the caption, "TFW you remember roller coasters make you nauseous. #Bonneon #SometimesBridge #NotFeelingSoWell". As of November 2017, only two of the volumes have been released: Volume 1 covers Cap Kingdom, Cascade Kingdom, and Sand Kingdom, and Volume 2 covers Lake Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, and Cloud Kingdom.