Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle

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Front cover of Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle
The novel's front cover.

Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle is a 1995 novel written by Michael Teitelbaum, illustrated by Leif Peng and published by Troll Communications. It is loosely based on the game Donkey Kong Land, as it features a mirrored version of its cover art, the Big Ape City location, and enemies such as Hogwashes. However, several characters and locations absent from Donkey Kong Land appear in this novel, such as Funky Kong, Squawks the Parrot and the Tree Top Town area.

Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle is the second book in its series, being preceded by Donkey Kong Country in 1994, and later followed by Donkey Kong Country: Rescue on Crocodile Isle in 1997.


One sunny morning on Donkey Kong Island, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong are standing under their tree house, waiting for Funky Kong who is expected to arrive in his barrel plane. They spot the plane performing dangerous loops before ending in a smooth landing. Donkey Kong introduces Funky to his buddy Diddy, which whom Funky promises a ride in his plane. Funky gives Donkey Kong a walkie talkie, which he can use to communicate with them from the ground. Before they depart, Cranky Kong arrives and scolds the Kongs about how they are much safer staying on the ground, and how apes aren't meant to fly.

Using his walkie talkie from the air, Diddy exclaims to Donkey Kong about how he can see the entire island from above. Diddy spots what appears to be a huge skyline with tall buildings; Funky Kong explains that it is an abandoned place called Big Ape City, which used to be the biggest city on Donkey Kong Island, until the apes began to favor the surrounding jungles, caves and mountains. After an exciting plane ride, they return to Donkey Kong on the ground, and Funky leaves. However, Donkey Kong realizes that he still has Funky's walkie talkie. Trying to communicate with him, they hear Funky Kong is under attack from some "flying pigs" near Big Ape City. The walkie talkie then goes silent.

Illustration from page 25 of Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, showing Donkey Kong, Cranky Kong, Diddy Kong and Squawks the Parrot.
Illustration of Squawks finding the Kongs inside the mountain.

Donkey and Diddy immediately decide to travel to Big Ape City on foot. Cranky Kong, although doubtful and disapproving, joins them and wishes to lead the way. They pack a supply of small barrels as weapons. They soon reach the Kremling-infested Tree Top Town, and Cranky accidentally sets off a booby trap. Surrounded by Kremlings, Donkey Kong uses a Cartwheel, Hand Slap and a TNT Barrel to take them out, whereas Cranky uses his cane. The Kongs proceed, and soon arrive at a snow-capped mountain. Hearing a loud noise, the Kongs realize that there is an avalanche, and they run for cover within a cave opening. Trapped in the darkness, Donkey Kong cries for help from Squawks the Parrot, who soon appears carrying a flashlight and shows them the quickest route through the mountain to Big Ape City.

Arriving at the city, they find that it has been overun by Kremlings, who are planning to rebuild the city's factory. They overhear Klump and some Kremlings talking about King K. Rool's "truth machine", and how they were planning to use it on Funky Kong who was being held within the factory as a spy suspect. The Kongs hide in a cart which takes them inside the factory. When the coast is clear, the Kongs jump out, and they hide from the work crew, who are unloading the carts. The Kongs follow two Kremlings which are going to Funky's prison cell within a remote part of the factory, where they then decide to ambush the Kremlings using a Barrel Roll and a stomp. Reaching Funky's cell, Donkey Kong uses a TNT Barrel to open the lock. On their way out, they encounter a group of Kremlings which outnumber the Kongs. Donkey Kong uses a Hand Slap to distract them, so that Funky and Diddy can attack them using barrels. After taking out the Kremlings, the Kongs race to the cargo room where Funky's barrel plane was being kept, clearing the security guards with more barrels.

Illustration from page 43 of Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, showing Funky Kong trying to repair his barrel plane.
Illustration showing Funky Kong inspecting the plane's damaged water pump.

After inspecting his plane, Funky says that he needs to replace the engine's water pump to fix it. He draws a map showing the way to the supply room, and the location of the city's defense system, which Donkey Kong looks for alone. He travels through an air vent and climbs a cable within an elevator shaft. After reaching the eighth floor, he is grabbed by Krusha, who intends to bring him straight to King K. Rool. Donkey Kong tricks Krusha into thinking that he has a list describing the locations of all the Kongs on the island. Krusha allows Donkey Kong to reach into his pack, although he pulls out a barrel instead, which he throws at Krusha, knocking him out. Donkey Kong then destroys the city's defense system with a TNT Barrel.

Meanwhile, Diddy Kong is crossing several catwalks above the rooms of the factory, making his way into the supply room. He encounters Klap Trap inside, who quickly evades Diddy's attacks. Diddy manages to lodge a barrel within Klap Trap's jaws. This gives him time to take the water pump that Funky Kong needs to repair the plane's engine, which is soon ready to fly. Just as the Kongs board the plane, Rock Kroc and another gang of Kremlings enter and prepare to attack. Throwing a TNT Barrel at a wall, the Kongs create an exit from the factory, and fly away. A squadron of flying pigs approaches while they are in the air. Funky has the idea to use the onboard banana milkshake supply to pour onto the pigs. This causes their wings to become sticky, and they are no longer able to fly. Afterward, a zeppelin commanded by King K. Rool launches rockets at Funky's plane, which he skilfully avoids.

Donkey Kong, after telling Funky to fly above the zeppelin, leaps out of the plane with Diddy Kong. Together, they land on the zeppelin and climb down to King K. Rool's cabin. However, K. Rool pushes past them, escaping the zeppelin in an escape pod. Donkey Kong and Diddy decide to let the "coward" go, and escape with Funky after planting the ship with time-delayed TNT Barrels. Falling from the air, the zeppelin lands on the factory before causing a powerful explosion. Laughing and content about their victory, the Kongs fly back home to their tree house.


"Donkey Kong, the world's coolest gorilla, is back! But something weird is going on in Big Ape City, an abandoned jungle town that's suddenly crawling with evil Kremlings. Now the Kremlings have captured one of Donkey Kong's best friends. Can Donkey Kong save his friend in time?"


Donkey Kong[edit]

  • "[Squawks the Parrot] always carries a high-powered flashlight. He led us through the caves and tunnels once before. Maybe he can help us again."
  • "I can tell you where you're going. Right into that wall!"
  • "Time for some masterful monkey maneuvers!"
  • "Let the coward go. He's just a big windbag, like his ship!"

Funky Kong[edit]

  • "Just surfing the wind currents, dudes. Nothing to get uptight about. Stay mellow, stay cool."
  • "That used to be the biggest city on Donkey Kong Island. It's called Big Ape City.
  • "I don't go looking for trouble, and most of the time it doesn't come looking for me."

Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "I hate flying! Why, if apes were meant to fly, they'd have wings. Yes, sir, I like it right here on the ground. And if you had any sense, you'd stay put with your feet firmly planted on the jungle floor!"
  • "Just a vine-swinging minute! Do you really think I'm going to let you go on another adventure alone?"
  • "I was navigating these jungles when you were knee-high to a baby baboon. I'll lead."
  • "I haven't been [in Big Ape City] since I saw your age, Donkey. Even then it was decaying and dangerous. Still, it brings back memories. I remember battling a short plumber named Mario..."
  • "Why, back in my day we wouldn't be sneaking around, hiding in the back of carts. We'd battle the guys right out in the open. But you young apes wouldn't know a real adventure if it jumped up and bit you on the nose!"
  • I was stomping on the likes of you when you were knee-high to a salamander!"


  • "I need this cart loaded and back to the factory within the hour! King K. Rool wants the new factory completed by the end of the week, and we're way behind schedule. So move it!"


The biggest and strongest of all the Kremlings.
  • "It's the end of the line for you, Kong. I'm taking you to King K. Rool."



  • Despite a Zinger and Hard Hat appearing on the front cover, neither of these characters actually appear in the novel.