Mario vs. Wario

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This article is about the Mario vs. Wario comic. For the similarly-named game, see Mario & Wario.
A typical scene as Mario almost unknowingly battles two bosses from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins.

Mario vs. Wario is a comic seen in Issue #44 of Nintendo Power (January 1993) and later reprinted in the Super Mario Adventures comic. It also appeared as a PDF file at the North American Wario Land 4 website. It contains characters from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins and follows the same reason Wario is hostile to Mario (from having a rough childhood). A second comic, Mario vs. Wario: The Birthday Bash, was later released in issue #56 (January 1994) of Nintendo Power.


Mario receives a letter from Wario. Delighted, Mario has fond memories of playing with Wario twenty years ago and recalls picking turnips, experimenting with coins, and playing cowboys. Wario, however, recalls a much more negative experience and is seeking revenge on Mario. Wario believes Mario has tricked him into pulling up Piranha Flowers in the garden and Thwomping him, though in the images shown, Mario seems more oblivious than malicious. Wario has hated playing cowboys the most; out of 1,256 times, Wario was the rustler 1,255 times. Wario was the sheriff once, but Mario made fun of him.

Mario sets out, but is confronted on the way by many of the bosses from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins. The first enemy he encounters is a sewer rat, but Mario accidentally pulls its nose off, then quickly dispatches the rat by using its nose as a party favor. The Three Little Pigheads then attempt to roll into Mario, but Mario mistakes "rolling" for bowling. He grabs one Pig by its nose and rolls it into the other two. A Witch then appears and throws fireballs at Mario. Mario dodges them, and the fireballs hit a bird in the bush. When the Witch then tries throwing lids at Mario, Mario catches them with his feet and thanks the Witch for helping him walk on the water. An octopus surfaces in front of him, threatening him. Mario wonders out loud why there is an octopus in fresh water when salt water is their natural habitat. The octopus realizes the fresh water is making it feel very sickly, and Mario tries to help by pouring salt in the water. But suddenly, he realizes that it was actually sugar, causing the octopus to faint, and Mario quickly escapes.

When Mario reaches Wario's place (which looks just like Mario's castle from the game), he finds a massive Wario waiting for him. After dodging Wario's attacks, Mario notices a plug in Wario's overalls. He pulls it, shrinking the Wario back to size. Wario starts crying, calling Mario a "big bully". Mario cheers him up and convinces Wario that he should not hold grudges from the distant past. Mario, however, wants to play his old favorite with Wario by pulling out what they used to play - cowboys. Mario immediately christens himself Sheriff and begins hitting Wario with his toy gun, as Wario screams that he will soon get his revenge.

Changes as a graphic novel[edit]

When it was later reprinted in graphic novel form, two lines of dialogue were altered so they made sense in context:

  • Mario vs. Wario, page 5, panel 3: Wario: "Phew! That was close!" --> Wario: "Blast! He got away!"
  • Mario vs. Wario, page 8, panel 4: Mario: "Hello there... Wario! Are you home?" --> Mario: "Wario! Long time no see!"