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The cover of Mario and the Incredible Rescue.

Mario and the Incredible Rescue is a short chapter book written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic Books Inc. in January 2006[1]. It includes locations from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars such as Kero Sewers, Tadpole Pond and others. Like Link and the Portal of Doom, another title in the Nintendo Heroes series, this book includes stickers; they were taken from Super Mario 64 and various titles in the Mario Party series.


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Chapter 1: Princess Peach Needs Help![edit]

On a peaceful day in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi are relaxing, as Princess Peach, for once, was safe. But not long after, Toad ran up, tired and out of breath, telling the bros. that Princess Peach was captured, again! He explained the conflict to both heroes, telling them about how Peach was walking in her garden, when transparent ghosts came and captured her and had taken her to Bowser's Castle. The courageous Mario was ready to fight Bowser and get the Princess back; however, Luigi and Toad hesitated. They knew that they had to help rescue Peach, though, so they followed Mario as he started his next adventure.

Chapter 2: The Sorceress[edit]

Mario stops in front of a pipe, and tells Toad and Luigi that they can use it as a shortcut to reach the Kero Sewers, which in turn will bring them close to Bowser's Keep. After sliding down the pipe, the three heroes walk forward, but it is not long before Toad exclaims that he heard something. Mario is reassuring Toad that the ghosts are not in the tunnel when three Goombas appear. The trio easily dispose of them, with Mario stomping two while Luigi and Toad stomp the last one. Mario is just saying how easy that was when Luigi points to another path on the right. They see a whole army of Goombas charging toward them, and the heroes run through a different passageway. Soon, the three come to a dead-end wall made of bricks. Mario starts kicking the walls trying to break them. They quickly break the first wall, finding a coin. Luigi thinks it is a great find, but Mario is determined to get away from the Goombas and the coin won't help at all. Mario, Luigi and Toad manage to make a hole big enough to climb through in the next wall. After hurrying through the hole Mario exclaims that they have to cover up the hole, otherwise the Goombas will follow them. But when Mario turns around, he only finds more stretch of forest. As the gang puzzle over where the wall went, Luigi sees a light, and they decide to follow it. When they reach it they find an eerie cabin. Mario knocks on the door, and a woman's voice answered "come in!". When they went inside they met a hooded figure, who told them to sit down, and said that she knew what they were doing, and could help them. However, it will cost them. Mario is just telling her that they can't do anything for her when Luigi takes out the coin that he found earlier and hands it to her. After getting paid, the woman takes off her hood, revealing glittering green eyes, and says her name is Cybele the Sorceress. She tells them that Bowser stumbled across her forest and stole a book from her-The Book of Spells. Bowser used the book to conjure an army of ghosts. Cybele explains that there is only one way to defeat the ghosts, and lays out a parchment with a drawing of six Mushrooms. The ghosts can only be defeated with a spell involving six mushrooms that are scattered around the Mushroom Kingdom. If the heroes manage to obtain all six, they merely have to recite the words of the spell and the ghosts will be sent back to their realm. Cybele then hands over the clue telling where the first mushroom is, and a pouch for Mario to carry them. Mario questions her, wondering if she is telling the truth. Cybele shows them an image in the candlelight of Princess Peach locked up in a cage with Bowser below her. Six ghosts guarded her. The heroes, now positive that she is telling the truth, are about to leave when Cybele grabs Mario's arm. She hands him one last thing, an envelope, and says to not open it unless there is no hope left. Mario thanks her, and the three leave.

Chapter 3: The Kero Sewers[edit]

After leaving the cabin, Luigi and Toad quickly gather around Mario and ask what the clue says. Mario takes a look at it and finds the following message carved into the wood:

Go backward for the answer

After studying the clue for a few seconds, Mario quickly figures it out, exclaiming that it is only Kero Sewers spelled backwards. Mario's excitement wears off, however, when Luigi points out that they are lost. Seconds later, Toad yells "look!" and points to some pipes jutting out of the ground. Mario is positive that they were not there before, but goes down anyway. They find themselves in the Kero Sewers, a maze of pipes jutting out of the ground, the walls and even the ceiling. After walking a little bit they come across a Piranha Plant sticking its head out of a pipe. Mario is at first startled, but then calls to Luigi and Toad to steer clear of the pipes and continues. They are walking for so long that Mario starts to wonder if Cybele might be working for Bowser, and was sending him on a wild goose chase. However, just as Mario thinking this, he sees the glittering black mushroom. Excited for finding their goal, Mario quickly runs forward—and quickly stops on the edge of a Ravine. There is only one way to cross, which is across four pipes. Luigi points out that it won't be as easy as it looks, just as a Piranha Plant sticks its head out of the first pipe, another one popping out of the second pipe as the first one slides back in, and so on. Mario notices the pattern and bravely announces that he will go first. Mario jumps on each pipe as each Piranha Plant ducks its head back in, and safely makes it to the top. Luigi goes next, with Toad climbing on his back just like when they were fighting the Goombas. Luigi does fine until the third step, which wobbles and Toad starts sliding off his back. Luigi quickly throws Toad to Mario and jumps to the next step, but his timing is off. The Piranha Plant opened its mouth, and Mario quickly held out his arm for Luigi to grab onto. Luigi grabs Mario's arm and heaves himself up. They then grab the glittering black mushroom.


These are the stickers that come included with this book:

Super Mario 64
Mario Party


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