Melody Bay

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Melody Bay
Melody Bay SMRPG.png
Mario in Melody Bay in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
First appearance Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) (2023)
Greater location Tadpole Pond
Inhabitants Toadofsky, Tadpoles

Melody Bay is a part of Tadpole Pond in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is home to the composer Toadofsky. Mario can play music here by jumping across on tadpoles. The bay has lines like a musical score, and the position of a tadpole when Mario jumps on it determines what note is played. From top to bottom, the notes are: Mi, Re, Do, Ti, La, So, Fa. Songs played in Melody Bay are always eight notes long.

Mario, Luigi and Toad briefly visit Melody Bay in Mario and the Incredible Rescue to retrieve one of the six Mushrooms from Toadofsky (called "Toadofski" in the book).

Four Songs for Toadofsky[edit]

Frog Sage's suite #18: This is the first song that played for Toadofsky at Melody Bay. Mario must read the poster on Frog Sage's island before attempting to figure out the composition. The correct notes are So, La, Mi, Re, Do, Re, Do, Re. After playing the correct notes back to Toadofsky, he will reward Mario with the Alto Card.

Moleville blues:

“Diggin' deep in the "MI"nes~ "DO"n't get much sun!~ I'm covered with "SO"il~ 'till my workday is "DO"ne~ I "RE"ally hate sittin'~ It's "LA"bor I choose~ 'cause then's the "TI"me~ To "DO" them old Moleville blues!~”
A Mole singing the Moleville blues song, Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

After saving Dyna & Mite when adventuring to Moleville, going back into the area that Croco destroyed reveals several workers. They will want to sing a song, and hidden in the lyrics are the notes to the Moleville blues song, which are Mi, Do, So, Do, Re, La, Ti, Do. When this is played for Toadofsky, Mario earns the Tenor Card.

Monstro Town Star Song: Upon Mario's first arrival to Monstro Town, when he goes in the house where the Monstermama lives, upstairs is a Starslap. If Mario tries talking to it, it will dance a little bit and play a short song which sounds like the tadpoles at Melody Bay. This is the third and final song. However, the one thing that is different this time is the notes do not appear onscreen and Mario must figure the melody out by ear. The correct notes are La, Ti, Do, Re, So, Do, Re, Mi. Playing this song correctly for Toadofsky will reward Mario with the Soprano Card.

Mario and Toadofsky's Original Composition: When completing all three songs for Toadofsky, he will ask Mario to compose an ending for the song. At this point, Mario can use any of the eight notes available to compose an ending for Toadofsky's song. The final song will be a collaboration of all three songs put together with Mario's composed finish piece. Mario can change this ending anytime he wants to.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese メロディ・ベイ
Merodi Bei
Melody Bay
French Baie Mélodie Melody Bay
German Melodienbucht Melody Bay
Italian Baia Melodia Melody Bay
Spanish Bahía Melodía Melody Bay