Lamb's Lure

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Lamb's Lure

Lamb's Lure is an attack item in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. This item is obtained after using the Mystery Egg ten times. When used, a sheep appears on the screen and turns an enemy into a sheep itself. Then, both sheep fly past the top of the screen. This item cannot be used on bosses or other large enemies. When Lamb's Lure is used forty-eight times, it becomes a Sheep Attack.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ひつじのゆうわく
Hitsuji no Yūwaku
Sheep's Lure


  • Despite the work that goes into converting this item from the Mystery Egg, it can only be sold for 1 coin.
  • This item, when used on the Hammer-type enemies (Pounder, Poundette, and Mad Mallet) during the Clerk, Manager, and Director battles produce the phrase "Go, world!" in the form of dialogue text when the mini-boss is supposed to make his attack. This message also appears when Sheep Attack is used. The reason why the message appears at this particular time is unknown, but seems to be a standard error message and can be produced in other instances when certain glitches are performed. Note that the player can improve the chance of making this message appear by sheepifying all the Hammer enemies before attacking the mini-boss.[citation needed]